Friday, 14 October 2016

The left want to go against nature

Before politics and in the remainder of the animal kingdom nature rules. Darwinism, social and biological is the only law, and men and women have roles not decided by politicians but by what is practical. If you give everyone in a country £20,000 then in five years some will have made it into £100,000 and others will have wasted it all. If you keep taking the money the better off have earned and give it to the others then they will continue to waste it and suck off the successful like a parasite. Of course a basic income would solve poverty overnight, so everyone had enough to live on and then whatever else they earn could be taxed at a flat rate to provide the general income, and there is your only needed welfare state.

The roles of women are not imposed in nature, they arise naturally. Until the 70s, when British house prices started becoming too high for one income then the previous (consensual) role of the housewife was lost to the vaults of history. How many women with a family given the chance would work full time till retirement unless they had to? Then we have the artificial construct of same sex marriage. The original difference between a lifelong partnership and marriage was raising a family. What did you say? Gay couples can raise a family? No, they can't, it's impossible. They can adopt a child sired by one partner and condemn it to be brought up without a parent, but of course nature does not allow for that so in order to twist so called equality law gay couples are now allowed to deliberately bring a parentless child into the world rather than adopt one that was already unwanted. Helping an orphan is totally different from creating a child from scratch and eliminating one of the parents by choice.

The amazing decision by the psychiatric community to remove one single type of body/personality dysphoria from being a mental illness but keep the others means politics has gradually crept into science. Not content with changing century long names for syndromes such as spastic, moron, backward and mongol, which were all recognised medical terms, they had to actually succumb to the insidious force of political correctness, and claim a person who actually believes they are the opposite sex are as normal as anyone else. They are still delusional, and had they believed they were an animal or another race and had surgery to look more like it no one would believe they were sane, as they aren't, but slicing off your equipment and calling yourself Mary with a voice and chin still like Marvin is no different however many psychiatrists say they are.

Equality is a total joke as well, as alluded to with the financial example. Every life is equal, every person is different. Family members are similar, and whatever the PC brigade want to order you to believe every racial group is a larger family and will naturally get on with and understand each other better than outsiders. It's not the obvious visual differences either. Being Jewish some people do obviously look Jewish, and many more do not. And throughout my lifetime I've got on well with many people for some time long before discovering they were Jewish. I had no idea till they told me, and when I meet Jews abroad we get on like long lost family, much like when I'd spent a few days in France and finally met my first family of English tourists. It wasn't the language as I could reasonably understand French and we went there to see our French friends there, but foreign is foreign and we all know how that feels when we're somewhere very different and feel totally lost.

So claiming it's fine for the entire third world to flood into Europe, as the EU countries have unanimously decided, is not in anyone's interests. How can it be racist to disagree with it? No large groups of people from abroad spread evenly in their new countries, but simply transplant from one country to an area in another where they are with their own people, often speak their own language, and open shops to supply themselves with the food and items they are used to, as we all would in the same position. It isn't short term with the next generation start to assimilate, but normally long term to permanent. They may move up in society but when they move they move together. And the so called liberals who attack anyone disagreeing with mass immigration to Europe forget nowhere in Asia or Africa has it, and no one complains, except a few far left academics who are determined to make Japan multicultural. Why? Because they hate the fact the Japanese are the strongest national culture on the planet and sets and example to everywhere else who wants to maintain theirs.

Nature is bigger than you and me and politics. The left hate it and want everyone to get the same benefits whoever they are, and claim given a few years of exposure to western values they will always rub off. Well of course the evidence shows the opposite. Career criminals who move abroad simply export it there, and the knife and gun culture of the West Indies (ask a Jamaican, it's not a racist claim) is now a regular occurrence in London, as are the Romanian robbery gangs. You can't turn anyone into something they are not, and the claim I first heard at school was that intelligence is down to your environment awakened me to the sheer denial of reality inherent in leftism. Siblings have very similar upbringings but are all totally different in their academic ability, and when they do well often take different subjects as they are all different people. Thank goodness with genetic profiling they have finally started to prove more and more qualities are decided at birth. Mensa made it fairly clear, you can always reduce intelligence with the wrong conditions but can never increase it. Just look at the extremes. If you have Down Syndrome then you are locked at that level. I can't see anyone arguing with that is it's so obvious. Just because it isn't so obvious with anyone else doesn't mean the subtler variations are any different.

Accusations of hate when anyone tries to use nature as the ultimate rule in life is because the left hate the fact we aren't all equal as individuals and totally different as groups. That can and will never change, and just as dogs are bred to have different qualities deliberately, so have human beings naturally, and trying to force that out of existence is a crime against humanity for motives of sheer and utter stupidity and immaturity. Understand reality and accept it. Nature isn't fair, it just is as it is, if you don't like it then find another reality to inhabit, don't try and spoil this one.

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