Thursday, 22 December 2016

International government fraud.

Market fixing is both immoral and illegal. It involves controlling price and output artificially to gain excess profits. There are two roots to this picture. It begins in the post-war Common Market, whose Common Agricultural Policy forced food prices up by restricting its production. This wasn't all based on fallow land, where fields were subsidised not to produce to restrict supply, but on getting rid of food when the quota was reached. Once farmers produced the amount of wine, butter or wheat the policy dictated (as in the USSR planned economy), the rest would be destroyed. The wine lakes and butter mountains were the remainder of the amount beyond the quota which was thrown out. The EU destroy food to keep prices up. Is it illegal? Not under their own rules. Is it immoral? Totally.

Part two goes to Ponzi schemes, moving money around with no real product. In the 90s Enron created one based on CO2 trading. They invented future profits in CO2 reduction which were then traded as faux currency, and made them millions for a few years before they were caught out selling imaginary products which were essentially worthless. Was it illegal? Yes. Was it immoral? Yes. But a couple of years before they were busted for the greatest organised fraud in history, they sold the idea to President Clinton and his right hand man Al Gore. Clinton went on to develop carbon trading (tax on CO2 emissions) and Al Gore set up a private carbon trading company which made him a billionaire.

In order to do this Clinton had to change the law, as when Enron were convicted it was for carbon trade fraud. Clinton simply made it legal, so he was free to legislate, and Gore was free to set up his company, identical in all ways to Enron, but now legal. And the EU run carbon trading compulsorily, so we all have to be taxed on our emissions which are then traded on the markets, and in true EU fashion not only sell immoral but legal nothing, they set a minimum (floor) price, so have actually fixed the market by making a minimum price to sell, well, absolutely nothing. Immoral and previously against international law. And could they ever have got away with doing it with the voters? Only if they believed it was for a good reason. Hence the imagined threat from CO2, people saw this fake trading as one of the solutions to the fake problem, and it was coined.

And without international cooperation (globalism), led by the UN panel on climate change, it won't be possible to organise. The fraud must be universal otherwise the money will shift to the free countries. So they all sign up to the Kyoto Protocol and every treaty since (with exceptions who still apply the same rules outside it), and bingo, we have a world mafia style government.

And who comes along responding to the citizens' calls to fix it? Donald Trump. From 20th January 2017 the entire system will begin to collapse.

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