Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Working through the mud

There are many ideas accepted by society as a whole which only a minority of people stop and think to work out for themselves, and once they do they follow the logical thread through the mud to the conclusion. Has the establishment made a plausible claim, like high house prices are good for you? Use my formula and you will be able to work these out for yourself and be armed with every reason to stand up to claims to the opposite by the sheep and perpetrators of the lies and illusions they peddle for vested interests.

I have a few examples but the same process can be applied to every single example of societal groupthink, times when normality is turned on its head and people are expected to follow others regardless of their own views, and insulted if they openly disagree. But when they stop becoming opinions (which are all equally valid) and become facts then they are finished as claims and become open lies being exposed by logic. Even the cases that fall in between and can be seen as opinions (which the proponents present falsely as facts) can be treated the same way. Even if they can't clearly be discerned you can still work through the facts to get to what I'd see as the inevitable result for each.

The flavours of the month for the current two examples are transgender and gay marriage. On the surface both are blindly accepted by what I can only call the masses. However if you actually dig through the layers of both you start seeing through the smoke and mirrors illusion and reach the probably sole conclusion lying at the end for all people.

This is how I personally worked through each and can see many others around who have found exactly the same conclusions.

Transgenders are probably the clearest example. Nature offers two standard alternatives, male XY and female XX plus a few errors which provide rare variations. But transgenders are people who want to be the other of the two usual genders, which is fine if they want to dress and act as it, but cannot by definition actually become one. Firstly we are all made of two things, primarily our awareness and secondarily the bodies which carry that awareness. Anyone in a primitive society unable to think beyond what is there is unlikely to feel their body is any more than a body, much like an animal would. It is only in our more sophisticated society where people question and challenge everything the notion of wanting to be someone or something else comes into being. Does anyone really think stone age men were equally afflicted by the idea they wanted a woman's body and couldn't be themselves till they had one, especially as till the 1960s the operations and drugs required weren't available so besides changing their clothing were stopped at the second hurdle.

Using no more than direct experience, ask a man what it feels like to be a woman and vice versa. They can't know, it's not possible to experience anyone else let alone the opposite sex. Yes, someone can have dysphoria and imagine they'd rather have a different body, a thinner one,  one with a missing limb or the opposite sex, but this is a mental not a physical aberration. Able or disabled, your body is the only one you've got, and besides the usual physical improvements you can make through exercise and diet is doing a good job and unless you look at it in a mirror or directly does not actually come into your awareness much during the day as you are looking outside it at everything else.

Looking at the cosmetic and medical treatments once someone has been determined to change, one actually inflames the issue as if a man feels female surely the best hormone treatment would be male, to see if the feeling could be corrected. But the medical profession instead will medically emasculate the man and reverse the effects (or in the case of a child neutralise them) of puberty. The oestrogen will then force their male bodies to grow breasts, although many can never change their voices once they have broken, so whatever the outer view the voice will always give the truth away. Nature must force itself over nurture every time however hard people work to try and override it. Then they whip off healthy organs (surely against the Hippocratic oath?) to make a hash of pretending to make their male or female organs look like the other, and cut out the gonads altogether like you would a cat. But if they were burnt to death in a fire the DNA test would always show male if they were born male. Every single cell.

So just because you force the existing organs to try and look like others, including hideous scars where women have had their breasts removed, it is no different to pinning pointy ears on a dog, flattening its muzzle and saying it's a cat. However convincing it may be now or in the future you are not fooling anyone, it is a wrapping and under the wrapping is exactly what was there before.

I could go on, but besides having addressed this specifically here already, you can see how I worked round the initial article in the Observer Magazine back in the 60s where they said a man has had a sex change, and as a child I assumed they meant he had become a woman. I worked from that childish assumption as an adult, realised the reality, and came to the only possible conclusion that a man is a man, a woman is a woman, and a dog is a dog whatever they want to be or can be disguised (and mutilated) to look like. Unlike opinions, there is no other view, a man can't become a woman until they can swap their DNA and change form naturally as a result.

Moving on to more artificial and opinion based views, marriage is an entirely human based idea, although it follows many animals who pair for life with a human version carrying a legal status.

That status was always extremely simple. A man and woman marry (fit) together for life where they can (not 'must') raise a family. Gay people, once it became legal, wanted similar lifetime contracts so were given civil partnership, because only opposite sexes could marry. Until David Cameron (a Conservative in name only) decided (without consulting a single voter as it was not in the manifesto) the same sexes could also marry, and now half the world has followed.

Of course marriage can be among groups, animals or anyone else as a marriage itself is simply a lifetime status of partnership. But the first requirement is consummation of the marriage, absence of which is not a ground for divorce (meaning the marriage is dissolved) but annulment, ie you were never married. As marriage means fitting together, like a plug or joint, two men or women simply can't (besides anal sex for men, which is unhealthy and potentially dangerous), so as it's highly unlikely legal marriage can be extended to rule out consummation as a primary requirement, in which case they may as well just be long term friendships between any two people, it fails at the first hurdle, and is recognised in the law that in same sex marriage consummation is not a cause for annulment as it is physically impossible to do so. That should point you to the status of same sex marriage in relation to marriage in general.

But the thought process which takes you from an apparent given, accepted by all on the surface, to digging through the layers and answers till you reach the conclusion, like any maths problem, will take the claim to either the yes or no pile, and should then be impossible for anyone to win an argument against you once you have gone through the process of working out whether a claim is valid or not properly. Keep doing it, watch my examples, and learn how to apply it to anything else like low interest rates, high house prices and socialism which all seem good to children but are toxic to all but the few percent who profit from them.

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