Tuesday, 3 February 2015

The mindset of the left- guest post

By Stefan Metzeler

One of the most shocking and absurd things about people with a left-wing mindset is how they systematically side with the most evil ideologies on the planet.
Without necessarily being fully socialist or communist, such people do support anyone who seems to challenge western culture, capitalism and judeo-christian values.
In the past, a vast number of left-wing people supported communist regimes, the Vietcong, the Khmer Rouges, the USSR, Maoism, Cuba and the "Palestinians".
For a number of years now, they started supporting Islam just as strongly as they opposed Christianity.

The utter schizophrenia is hard to imagine: they claimed to stand for women's rights, gay rights, human rights and were generally atheist, yet they ally with Islam, which totally oppresses women, even supports beating and stoning them, and which demands that gay people be murdered.
And every time an Islamic movement comes to power, they do it over and over:
- in Iran since Khomeini, who was strongly supported by the left
- in Afghanistan
- in Egypt under the Brotherhood
- and now under the Islamic State
Are these people totally learning-disabled?
Or will at least gay people FINALLY start opposing the spread of Islam in Europe and the USA?
And what will it take for women to see that their future under such a culture would be far worse than a salary gap?

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