Thursday, 12 February 2015

Conspiracy theories- a guide to the genuine and false

Using three levels of proof from law, there are different types of conspiracy story presented as all being equal, and most people can't tell the difference between them despite nearly all having completed their education to a level where such evidence would speak for itself. But as it clearly doesn't, then here are some rules followed by examples, so you can sort your stories into each category.

The first level is not a conspiracy theory, as it is a conspiracy, ie an agreement to commit an offence between two or more people. Where it is known, through a combination of first hand direct evidence and confessions, then we know for example Libor fixing, manipulating the gold and foreign exchange prices, and covering up the Hillsborough evidence were conspiracies, as they have been admitted and confirmed by the authorities. Therefore, without any doubt, we know they occurred, as did the plans for Operation Northwoods in 1963 where the CIA planned to kill American citizens and blame it on Cuba so they could start a war. Kennedy nixed them, and coincidentally leads us to our second level, the smoking gun. We can't prove Kennedy was killed for that or any other reason, but there is more than enough secondary evidence that he was assassinated for political reasons rather than none at all by a random lunatic. There is smoking gun evidence for geoengineering, as it has already been funded, researched and promoted, and the skies are covered with wide bands of lines crossing each other not seen before the 21st century, and the usual vapour trails which are half the length as they wear off after a minute or two instead of lasting for long enough to persist and widen. No one has either admitted it or caught someone doing it yet, so it is a smoking gun with more than half the evidence required to suggest there is a reason, like smelling a rotten fish will normally lead you to one eventually.

The final level is the conspiracy theory proper, such as Putin's latest joke he's going to release pictures proving the US carried out 9/11 itself. They haven't of course, but these nuts treat an announcement  he may do it at some possible later stage if he really really has to (in Russian and translated by people we don't know have even done it correctly) exactly the same as if they'd been released. All similar claims which have few or no sources, including every single one that hasn't actually happened yet but someone says someone will, are as good as nothing at all, and as such unless they have a large amount of reliable circumstantial evidence, such as aluminium and barium being collected on the ground where they normally couldn't exist, along with planes turning and following each other on clearly unscheduled routes leaving these trails behind them lead to a conclusion something unusual is happening. The same goes for the incredible number of evidential failures surrounding Princess Diana's car crash, which have been reported in such detail by all major TV stations any lawyer will see virtually every rule of evidence and investigation was broken by the French police, making any conclusions the courts came to void as based on faulty material, tampering with archives, losing witnesses and witness statements, and inconsistent vehicle identifications to name but the most pressing ones, including the mystery blood test on an apparently sober and healthy man who apparently had so much carbon monoxide in his system he shouldn't have been alive, let alone conscious. But 9/11 is less convincing, we saw it in real time (apparently) on TV and there was little left to the imagination. The falling towers are only possible to understand as an engineer, and they disagree, while the only real clue anything is amiss was the fall of the third tower I personally saw announced by the BBC only to find it hadn't fallen for at least 20 more minutes after they announced it. This is on Youtube and no explanation has ever been provided for it. But as for who was behind it if it really wasn't the accepted band of Al Qaeda trained terrorists then we'll never know as such international mercenary forces cover their tracks as they always have.

Then we have David Kelly's apparent suicide, despite the forensic evidence meaning he died of slitting his wrists to a level not capable of killing anyone and there wasn't any actual blood at the scene. Here is a classic smoking gun by possible hired assassins trained to hide their tracks and protected by the authorities so no police investigation can be carried out to ever test such evidence. But there's little point trying to find out any more with any of these unusual deaths simply because the best stuff has been burnt, buried and hidden under pain of death well enough to never surface at least in our lifetimes so we may as well move on and work on the known conspiracies, as they alone would be enough to bring down the system that created them but people seem happier to pursue the empty or impossible second and third level claims and put the directly known conspiracies aside. But only this month at least two newspapers published the climate adjustments which contribute to at least half the total global warming, years after the internet learnt about them, and it is impossible to keep repeating such material without eventually the people losing confidence in the system and obliging the government to sacrifice a few token individuals and shut down their operations.

Once people learn to discriminate the three levels, discard the lowest, understand the second and put them in cold storage and publicise the highest then the interest in nonsense claims and predictions will fall off and people will no longer bother to take any notice of them.

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