Friday, 6 February 2015

A lesson in discrimination- how to read the news accurately

If you are happy with everything in life and understand everything you need to then I have no role to provide. I am guessing what tends to happen is those normally satisfied with life, the lucky ones possibly, sooner or later come up against an issue that affects them directly or bothers them enough to lose that blanket satisfaction and wonder what the hell they can do. Maybe I can prepare them for when it happens as well and fill in that gap in the audience.

The general principles, those behind the information, are knowing the big picture, the three dimensional spiders web where everything fits together, and you can see where each new issue goes when it comes up, and discriminating what's important and what's irrelevant or meaningless, something not as easy as you think as the media and activists tend to take the least important or invented issues and make them dominate your attention and that blocks the real one. Examples include totally avoidable problems, like the lack of clean water in the third world, and nonexistent issues such as calling anyone you disagree with a racist while not actually understanding by doing that you give the real racists a free ride as people are so busy aiming their bile at those making jokes and slightly crass comments about other races or even nationalities (who are exactly the same race as they are), any genuine discrimination or actual violence against different people, such as between Shias and Sunnis, Muslims and Kurdish Muslims, any two African tribes fighting over territory, and golf clubs who still don't allow Jews (I suspect that is still the case somewhere, the club at the bottom of my road didn't in the 70s despite being in the most Jewish area of Britain), someone who objects to too much immigration is lumped in with murderers and crooks as if they are exactly the same.

I hope this gives some kind of view of diversionary tactics, and how even when many people think their life's going smoothly they may for example be earning 20% less than they should be or paying 20% more, so are happy only within their ignorance how their lives could actually be a lot better without any economic growth or change, just a change of policy.

Discrimination is something everyone can learn easily. Seeing the big picture is not required by all to sort their lives out, it's something which builds up over decades and just falls into place on its own, it's not something that's so easy to teach besides elements on it which may then point people to work it out themselves. Every day we have a flood of news and other personal events, and the media tend to treat them as most are the same except the rare major newsflashes, which in fact can often be no bigger in reality either. Does it change things? Does it set a precedent? If not then it may just be variations on a theme, or yet another disaster which is just a little bigger than previous ones for a while but is not actually technically telling you anything useful. Volcanoes, earthquakes and even most wars (which however are 100% avoidable as totally based on criminality) are interesting to know but don't mean life is different, but affirm it is exactly as it was before. Now if a year or two went by without one then that would be news as it doesn't happen in our known reality.

For example, when you hear someone in authority is potentially promoting policies which benefit their own personal business interest, alarm bells. It is unlikely to be exceptional but why they are there at all. And when they work together, make laws to increase their profits, and put other competition out of business by regulations you are being run by Mafiosi. And when not just the Mafia are the largest part of the Italian economy at 8% and running most of their 'renewable energy' and farming you know Italy has to be run by the Mafia as otherwise they would be working in the shadows. And when you then discover Aberdeen is run by the Mafia- building, council, pretty much like the bad old days in Chicago and New York then Scotland must be run by the Mafia as it's not the business of local councils to sort out their crimewave but the police. Who clearly are on the other side as they can't operate with an independent police force. And when carbon trading and credits were created by the fraudulent firm Enron, and they led to a massive fraud trial putting the board away for a long stretch, and they are now both legal and compulsory in many countries despite being proved fraudulent in court.

Do you see where I am leading you now? Everyday ordinary events, important to those involved but part of our business as usual are not actually news but information for its own sake. It has little or no practical use to know who's been murdered today or last year, but (and here's a perfect trap for race baiters) if a large percent in London were black on black it's pretty important as that really shouldn't be happening. If you think it should then please reply in the comment box. If a celebrity gets divorced or there's a flood in the far east it's simply gossip or geography, but unless you have relatives there or are either of the celebrities it can't affect your life. If your government allows an entire city to be run by the Mafia it's your big worry as they can spread, like Ebola of the society. The difference being there's no cure for Ebola, but as I remind people, the Mafia are man made and we have every tool we need to unmake them given the resources. I could suggest that besides providing clean water for the entire continent of Africa, the billions burnt on global warming projects (no benefit and no return of said cash) could have recruited an army of new police to wipe out first Aberdeen's little problem, and then with that experience recruit a few more thousand (rather than wasting lives going into Iraq and Afghanistan with almost as little benefit as climate spending) work their way through Italy.

I pick up on my own pet topical subjects but there is no limit to issues which both raise an interest as they are new, not gossip, and actually change your lives, and man made problems which man could then undo once you expose them. Such as quantitative easing and low interest rates which effectively suck that percentage of everyone's money out of the economy going back to the state and the bankers. Once you know this, and then discover Denmark charge customers 0.75% to save their money, as they are in so much financial shit they face being slung out of the EU (so they fear anyway although it's impossible) the only way they believe they can stay in and keep par with the eurozone is by fleecing the money from their depositors. That's a lovely state of business, and one surprisingly close to the previously mentioned organisation of the Mafia.

It's not always obvious though, as when policies are so dangerous and obnoxious they would cause a revolution then they are usually (in a democracy anyway) rolled out gradually in stages so slow by the time you notice or it's affected you directly it's too late as they're here already. The EU banning cars (unless electric, ha bloody ha) by 2050 in stages is one example, first the London Low Emission Zone, then the Paris restriction on older cars, followed by diesel vehicles, and London's Ultra Low Emission Zone (the same as Paris' ban on older cars) do not affect everyone, only one city, and not enough people in one go to even change the votes for the area. But when one day you're sent a letter telling you your car is now banned, and you can't buy a new one as firstly you can't sell the old one which may have 10-20 year's worth of life in it, and the new one has to be so much more expensive than yours as it's only allowed to be a few years old which most people can't afford. And why exactly do they even get away with such tyranny? Because people believe it causes global warming. Fuck me.

There are stages in this process, you hear the news and then if it relates to a man made criminal situation you both spread the word and find ways to force the authorities to deal with it. Now here's another problem you'll come across, it's their actions you are reporting. Oops. Then who do you call? There's only one solution, information. Yes, the Information Revolution. Only by informing the masses, with the hijacking of the media as the current creeps are nearly all silenced by the same system, will the system be changed not from above but from below. Imagine files being published which proved scientists had worked hard to create graphs showing man made warming based on none at all? In banana republics or communist regimes then you have to have military coups to kick out the filthy corrupt governments when exposed as what they are, and in a way similar measures would occur as a result as unless the clean part of each government acted themselves (as is their official function) to clean their own houses it's then also up to us to do it instead.

It's certainly not just about politics, that's just the most obvious area where issues arise, it's about every single aspect of life. People gossip (including me) endlessly, and when faced with a constant stream of similar information it's easy to switch off and miss the rare good bits. It's all based on the same principles though. Does the latest breakup or rudeness mean anything or is it part of normal life? Unless it's not it's just a soap opera and has as little effect on you as a fictional world on TV. Just think of events in the past and sort them out. Which really meant something and what else was just normal variations on an endless theme? Once you get through enough you'll have raised your own ability enough to know which issues matter and which are just waffle.

Ultimately then for each person who learns these techniques whenever they need to they will be able to spot when something important has happened, and know what may need to be done with that new information which means something in their world has changed. You will be able to filter out the news into everyday repetition and the rare other material, good or bad will then stand out. For example as long as I can remember there have been claims of free energy generators. I have followed every single one, and since the internet every single claim has failed. I can't say why as I wasn't personally involved, but I do suspect at least some of them are genuine. However for the first time a company have set an exact date they will be selling one online. It's actually not that far off, and should it happen then we will have shifted from a world requiring physical combustion or outside movement to generate power to one that does not. That would create a level of Utopia as we will no longer need any fuel whatsoever, literally overnight. These potential events (or actual, should any actually happen) are the highest level of importance. But in my experience many people seem to flatten most news items to the middle, squashing the major ones and raising the trivial ones up, partly as presented that way by the media, making it hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. The same goes for UFO reports. I have been investigating these directly for just as long, and there are a few levels of evidence below the solid, and there is enough to make me keep looking.

But I suppose one of the few stories we'd all agree were the most major in the history of the planet would be if one day you turned on the TV and an alien was being interviewed. It doesn't matter if you believe it could happen, but imagine if it did. That reaches the ultimate level where no one would miss the importance as 95% of people appear to dismiss it's possible. But if you spread the scenario across the other levels of important news then you will then start to realise what else it applies to the rare times it happens. That in a way is how little gets done about the criminal side of things, besides the absence of a heirarchy above the government agencies carrying much of said crimes out, most people simply don't think it matters, even though it makes them substantially poorer but as they only know how much they do have and not what they are supposed to they don't register it. There are methods around that, the main one simply being mass media, publicity is all it needs by collecting the relevant material and dumping it on the public in one go. Unfortunately the source means more to what we may call the masses than the material, so unless it's delivered by official means and seen by around a million people minimum at once then the impact will wear off if it even hits for the identical material. Otherwise a few souls will be collected from time to time but at a rate taking generations to build enough to make a difference which is clearly not realistic. But on the personal level the more people can at least pick the real stories and dismiss the rest, which soon becomes automatic, the first step towards viewing the world as it really is, and then towards the second of doing something about it will begin.

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