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The 21st century liberal mind program

OK, for a change I'm drifting into my own professional area rather than science, social science and psychology. Six years at college in total so any bastard who tries to tell me I'm not qualified to speak on this can go and whistle. Anyway, I don't mind if it's been done before but maybe my description may also open the way to a solution. Possibly. Like all hypnosis it wears off eventually, and the mass hysteria from global warming is all connected to this general mental programming created over decades by those who wish to stun the masses into oblivion while they tear our societies apart limb from limb.

It is based on totally misguided and immature beliefs of young inexperienced people who have never grown up and maintain these views into adulthood, combined with a total lack of knowledge of science and economics. Of course all children want everyone to be well off, or people who are poor not to be, and that is a genuine wish. But how you do it, ie making better off people worse off, will never work. Neither will the equally dangerous meme of people being successful not due to their talents but their background has forced generations of piss poor bright children to a bog standard education as there are no longer more than a handful of free selective schools for the intelligent children of poor parents, either as grammar schools or direct grant. Tony Blair took a step further by reducing the standard of all exams so everyone could get A grades in school exams if they did more than write the correct name and get a degree just for turning up for the exams and doing pretty much the same. I have spoken to markers and professors, it's the law, and when it's not the law (deliberately letting bad presentation through and ignoring major errors) the money wins over the talent when each passing student gets the university another grant regardless of their quality.

Base a policy on a false belief and you have rules making people do the wrong things. There's no exception. Now I will list every single element, normally coming as a complete package, of the liberal (for self-labelled movements read the opposite for the term they choose for themselves, so 'fascist' is pretty much the real result, social fascism in fact) BBC, left wing councils and social workers, who along with the 1970s middle class intelligentsia I grew up with in North London created this pandemonium of antisocial views. If I miss one or two I'm sure it won't spoil the entire picture, but they are all variations on the same theme, with some subclasses I'll add with each main principle. Of course some came from genuine sources, but were then exploited and hijacked by those who didn't want equal rights for the downtrodden, but superior ones. Fuck that.

Equality: The original bastardised rule. Yes, everyone is of equal value as an individual. Like all the runners at the start of a race. Then the gun goes off and they stream out into status. The scientific basis for those results are clearly known, and a combination of inherent ability and hard work. But without the ability no one will make a Van Gogh, Usain Bolt, Stephen Hawking or Einstein. It can't happen. But the good news is that in real life every track points in a unique direction, your own direction. That success is based on your abilities, a unique set of qualities you are born with and develop throughout your life, so as we are all unique we are not competing with other people unless you choose an area where you earn money from winning in sports. Your success is mutually independent of everyone else's, as you can't paint too many good pictures or write too many good books as the demand is endless. So never treat anyone worse than others, or better. Once women and minorities have laws to stop them being discriminated against they've gained equality, and then stop. Otherwise the feminists and other equal opportunity wallahs never stop, the unions didn't just get Labour to provide them with worker's rights, they then tried to run the companies, and caused the deepest loss of work the country had ever seen in the 70s onwards, now farming out nearly all the industry and coal mining as they simply wouldn't work without dictating the rules or going on strike. This applies to every single group who were treated like crap as there was no law to stop them, and now cannot be. This positive discrimination brought in by the left is of course discrimination, like sparkling manure, it's still manure however much glitter you spread over it. If women and ethnic minorities want to be treated equally then they have to compete on equal terms, not be handed work ahead of everyone else. That's immoral and cheating them more than anyone else as in their hearts they know they may not be good enough.

That also covers feminism, sexism, equal opportunities, diversity and reverse racism as subgroups.

There are a set of beliefs associated with liberalism which are held as tenets as strong as any in a religious text. As Will Self, the mouthpiece of my own locality and generation of wrong thinking, if you think gay marriage can't be the same as ordinary marriage you're homophobic, and like even a-holes like David Cameron (who calls himself a conservative), if you are against immigration you're racist, or at very best a 'swivel eyed loon'. In fact the immigration doors were held as widely open by them as their Labour predecessors who opened them as they have kept the same overall 250,000 a year or so ever since regardless of the empty words they use to say they're stopping it. And the same Cameron won't bring back grammar schools (as a 'Conservative') as they are 'elitist'. These principles which created a tiny country able to dominate the world politically, industrially and educationally are being dismantled for a one size fits all Maoist style cultural revolution, which not just destroyed culture but like the earlier holocaust killed many of the individuals responsible for it, so threatening did he find any genuine intelligent opposition.

Racism: This is a catch all barrier thrown up by those on the left to stop any criticism of a single group or individual from not just another race, but now (quite erroneously) from another country. Never allow criticism of bad behaviour (gypsy criminal gangs, black on black killings, Asian sex exploitation gangs etc), as can be seen in Rotherham by giving the ethnic minority criminals a free pass hundreds of more English (as they thought they were inferior so didn't matter) girls were assaulted as the left wing council didn't want to cause any local racial tension by exposing their wrongdoing. Muslims get away with female genital mutilation, killing women in their families and trying to teach and impose Sharia law on non-Muslims as they are currently exempt from behaving like normal civilised people. Again the equality vanishes as any group basically 'not us' are given free passes to effectively do what the fuck they like, and you are (like the victim of a mugging who gets prosecuted for fighting back) punished for pointing it out. Dangerous indeed. The black drivers who claim they were only stopped because of their colour either get stopped at night when the police can't see it till after they've stopped and left the car, or have a car full of drugs or stolen goods are exploiting this trick for as much as possible, except the police are the one group on earth currently immune from such false appeals, so the media (Doreen Lawrence in particular) label them 'institutionally racist' for treating black criminals like criminals just like white ones.

Atheism: Not your old fashioned atheism, like I used to have, but a militant form, attacking every aspect of not just religion (which I happen to believe is totally pointless myself) but belief in God. So much so in comparison I had to redefine myself as an agnostic as I had an open mind as I believe we know a small fraction of reality and must be open to learn more. They are still religious though, but worship something different, to the same level as the greatest fundamentalists of every single extreme religion, nay, cult, throughout history,

Global warming: I've discovered most people carry the full package. They use 'isms' as weapons to shut down opposition in all areas, fight all aspects of religion (except oddly Islam, not sure why as yet), and treat slightly different possible weather in a hundred years when none of us will ever live to know either way as the most dangerous problem facing mankind. They are psychotic. Truly. The definition of psychotic is believing an alternative to reality. Mass psychosis, like Jim Jones and Charles Manson's followers, as well as Stockholm Syndrome,is so easily manipulated it killed most of Europe's Jews for absolutely no reason or point. There's no doubt people can be convinced of absolutely anything, as Goebbels spent his time creating methods to do just that as he learnt the incredibly simple ways to do it. Basically it's authority plus extending a genuine issue beyond the reality till it dominates the entire consciousness. It doesn't matter if it's witches, Jews, or any other innocent scapegoat, but the global warming brigade have upped the ante as far as you can, as they have gone to war against mankind itself.

You can't ever beat such an atrocity. The creeps in the UN, Rockefeller Foundation and all its branches, who all know perfectly well there's no such thing, confessed many times they invented global warming to unite mankind against itself in order to rule them from a single government and keep them down at every possible angle. I've written that piece already, look for the roots of Agenda 21 for the full summary. The fear of death, both their own and their unborn children's is enough to fool most immature idiots, and as the world's largest IQ test proved why half the people are in double digits.

Multiculturalism: This one mystified me particularly, as it makes no sense at all. Why on earth would anyone really want to mix as many possible foreign cultures and languages in their own for no other reason than variety? I needed to do a heck of a lot of research to get to the bottom of this, and turns out to be another means of homogenising society, by mixing groups so much there was no longer a set of individual local cultures and races, but eventually just one general assortment of them all. Again, Julian Huxley's idealised view of one world culture was a psychopathic method of rearranging the world the way they wanted it, based on no less than his previous role in the Eugenics Society. Yes, it's the master race again. Who are the master race? Those left over when the organisers have completed their plan over many gradual generations, too slowly for people to notice, and each generation the ruling elite have more and more power and property taken from the others until they are totally in charge. Don't take my word for it, read David Suzuki and the Club of Rome's publications. They actually believe this is true and are proud to say it.

Homophobia: Bear in mind when attacking countries like Uganda and Russia where there are rules of varying levels against homosexuality it was also illegal in Britain till the 60s, so however much we have turned the equality boat around here such attitudes are hardly old-fashioned or unusual, they were mainstream within my own lifetime. I've already stated and will state again all discrimination is bad, and needs laws against it, and that's it. But then to want more than everyone else had you are pushing the envelope and taking massive liberties. It's human nature to do so but don't use it as a weapon to get more than your fair share. If people don't want to have two men share a bed in their house even though they are renting out rooms as a hotel it's not nice but should it be illegal? Or even making jokes about homosexuals many would tell themselves? You don't let anyone be treated with kid gloves just because they're different, and it's pretty much like making laws exempting certain groups from following them because they're different. That's not equal, that's cheating, and with people like Will Self using homophobia as a weapon to protect homosexuals from any criticism or questioning or jokes at all is giving them a privileged status no different from any other which no one deserves.

Anti-Israel: Will Self again, who in 2006 attempted to divest himself of his Jewishness as Israel was 'an apartheid state'. No left winger is complete without their Palestinian flag and hate of those more successful than others. And democratic. Enough said.

Moral relativity: The old chestnut you can get away with murdering family members, slicing their genitals to shreds and keeping women covered in sheets is OK as it's their culture basically condones and encourages criminality, the golden rule, treat others as you would treat yourself is universal and if they don't want others to live by it I suggest they all move to Saudi Arabia or North Korea where everyone else in power agrees with them. Except oddly those people living under such regimes are streaming to Europe and America where they are free to do more of what they want than under their own.


Taken together, normally as a complete package, as it's rare for anyone to hold a few of these memes without the rest, these would destroy any society within a generation. The global warming laws would create power cuts and kill more and more people who couldn't afford the higher costs, as the Kyoto Protocol planned, to reduce the usage of energy, like food or water if they could (they can). The multiculturalism and moral relativity will divide communities, create civil wars as they are in many riot zones when anything kicks off, and increase the incidence of serious crime many fold. There's more and more evidence every month as divisions occur between the native people and immigrants with totally different values and morals. It's inevitable, as despite communication being free between nearly every place on earth now, the advanced levels do not pass down to the lower ones, they keep their relatively primitive ways of life, like the West Africans washing the dead bodies who died of Ebola and catching it themselves, knowing it happens but continuing, and nationalities in many places aborting female babies as they may attract a dowry or they just see them as a burden. Do we really want this everywhere after the western world threw off these diabolisms hundreds or thousands of years earlier? No, they do not catch our ways on contact, like if an alien race landed tomorrow and showed us how to cure diseases and travel across galaxies, they ignore or even condemn them, and for the old generation at least carry on exactly as they did before wherever they are.

Therefore it is poisoning people's minds to promote such views, as it celebrates the worst and enforces the most restrictive and totalitarian values there are, little different from Maoism. It is a mental program, where susceptible minds, the same ones who agreed with Hitler and voted in the party who wiped out millions of innocent people simply for being different to them, to now fight against anyone and everyone they are told to, whether in the name of fighting climate change, protecting minorities or promoting equality, while all the time doing exactly the opposite, much like pouring corrosive acid on the very things they are trying to create.

I am pointing it out, I do not offer any solution beyond awareness, and like many mental conditions such as addiction and self harm, once someone realises what is happening they do something about it. Awareness is the first level of cure, and by becoming aware both of the afflicted, and them becoming aware of it themselves, the spell will probably be lifted. And it can't come too soon.

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