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Identify Agenda 21 in real life

Once you've learnt the basics then look into your own lives for all the signs of Agenda 21, and they're nothing to do with the party in power as these are found all over the world. They are imposed by local and national governments and the EU who administer it all down to local level.

Road and travel restrictions: Including speed limit reductions, road blocking, narrowing and deliberate damaging with humps to ruin journeys for everyone, including public transport and emergency services.
London and Paris are already gradually banning older and diesel vehicles and are following an EU diktat planned to complete in 2050.

Slow implementation: These plans must be so gradual most people don't notice, so are planned over generations, like the related 'Ever closer union' clause within what is now the EU. According to Professor Geoffrey Sachs, “To be meaningful, the strategies should cover the time-span of several decades. Thirty-five to forty years seems a good compromise between the need to give enough time to the postulated transformations and the uncertainties brought about by the lengthening of the time-span.”
You don't have to work it out, they tell you clearly.

Urban relocation: Beginning with the compulsory shifting of Chinese villagers into cities, in the high millions, as they do not respect individual rights so can impose measures directly, London and other places people will recognise where they live are increasing the number and size of tower blocks, under the Smart City initiative, moving people from suburbs and villages into multiple occupancy buildings. Houses are being demolished all over London to be replaced by mainly small unit blocks of 1-2 bedrooms, too small for a family, while most of Europe welcomes millions of new immigrants in from both inside (by law who move from the poorer to the better off countries who have little or no room or services for the hundreds of thousands arriving in each) and outside the EU (millions of Muslims alone have been invited or allowed into many countries in Northern Europe in an unprecedented move), which in turn both supply the demand to force councils to allow higher density urban housing, and create what Julian Huxley called 'A single world culture' in his inaugural speech as head of Unesco in 1946. Yes, these plans are and were never connected with the climate warming, they were part of a unified plan from day one.

Sachs explains: “looking for the endogenous roots of the modernization processes, seeking change within cultural continuity, translating the normative concept of ecodevelopment into a plurality of local, ecosystem-specific, culture-specific and site-specific solutions.”
ie moving people into high density cities and making transport so difficult they rarely travel very far or very often. Save the planet and ruin your life.

Market manipulation: The energy market is scapegoated for global warming, so customers are punished for using conventional fossil fuel, while the taxes on energy, fuel and travel are funnelled into subsidies for renewables, which build billions of pound's worth of useless wind turbines and solar panels, which produce random or weak energy, and pay the money to the landowners and companies to divert from fossil fuel generation to symbolic machinery which has conventional power backups running the whole time in the background which produce power whether drawn or not as some take weeks to warm up. Of course take the false front lines away and the backups still provide the power. This is nothing to do with global warming but redistribution of wealth and political power. For example, when they talk about renewables reaching an equal price with fossil fuel, it's because they will raise the price of fossil fuel to reach that of renewables, as they say, a race to the bottom and a scam to boot.
"The third dimension described by the professor is “Ecological Sustainability” which, among other things, limits “the consumption of fossil fuels and other easily depletable or environmentally harmful products, substituting them by renewable and/or plentiful and environmentally friendly resources, reducing the volume of pollutants by means of energy and resource conservation and recycling and, last but not least, promoting self-constraint in material consumption on part of the rich countries and of the privileged social strata all over the world.”

And in general:
“The solutions”, says Sachs, “can vary in terms of their boldness and take the form of global, multilateral or bilateral arrangements.” These arrangements should as far as Sachs is concerned ensure “at least partially the automacity of financial transfers by some form of fiscal mechanisms, be it a small income tax or an array of indirect taxes on goods and services whose production and consumption has significant environmental impacts.Over time, gradually, these taxes should increase."

As a result, Britain is switching many coal power stations to woodchips, half the power and six times the price of coal and imported from America.

Media hijacking: Have you noticed how so many children's programmes, films and books contain references to the environment and global warming? Just listen to a few hours of CBBC on the educational programmes to see at least one per viewing. It's no coincidence. The people need to believe the problem, and protect the system from the dissenters, so they hijack the media to spread their word. Barack Obama mentioned 'clean energy' in every single speech I've listened to, whatever the topic, as repetition is a vital tool of mind control, like a mantra, but in the form of a virus rather than a benefit. Professor Sachs, as a total believer in Agenda 21, is so sure it must happen he is not disposed to sugar coating or paraphrasing the intentions, but says it exactly how it is:

“A Communication Resource Unit”, the document continues, “is responsible for the implementation of media policy for one, or more than one field.” The document proceeds with outlining the functions of such a unit in regards to family planning messages: “The integration of messages is a matter which concerns the Communication Resource Unit, in that an integrated approach to family planning needs to be worked out. (…) These (messages) may be ‘family planning for maternal health’, ‘family planning for family prosperity’, ‘family planning for your figure’, ‘family planning for national prosperity’, family planning for child development.’ These messages will be pretested to find those which seem to appeal most to the eligible age groups.”

1984 in practice, black is white, bad is good, truth is lies. Believe it now? That is one application, extend it to all the aspects and you'll see it all around you in the papers and programmes.

From a preparatory 1974 document (these went back long before the later cause of global warming as the problem Agenda 21 was the solution to, as no one would accept such measures on their own),
“Discussing the role of media as motivators Sandman concludes that: “Four relatively effective kinds of environmental information are: basic ecological principles; prescriptions for environmental action; early warnings of anticipated problems; and assessments of blame for environmental degradation.”’, the report states. ie divide, rule and blame. Set mankind against itself and scapegoat.

Cashless society: Banks find cash rather demanding to handle now they can use computers to add and remove numbers. Also it is anonymous, while cards track every single penny you pay. London buses stopped taking cash and many places refuse cheques since the law was changed removing guarantee cards. Of course only businesses can run and afford data terminals, so when it's harder and harder to pay by cash how do you buy an item from a friend or a market stall who don't have the facilities for cards or won't trust a cheque without a guarantee?

Modernisation and improvements: Doublespeak is the backbone of Agenda 21, so when Transport for London say they're 'Modernising London's roads' then they are rolling them back to the days of coach and horses, and making them fit for bicycles rather than motor vehicles as they are obliged to under ICLEI rules. Look it up. But say they're 'improving' it and people believe them, and then wonder why half the main roads in London have been narrowed. Look at the results, ignore the words.
"Under the Local Government Act 2000 local authorities must prepare community strategies to ‘promote or improve the economic, social and environmental well-being of their areas, and contribute to the achievement of sustainable development in the UK’ In the context of the Local Government Act 2000 and the new duty it places on local authorities to prepare community strategies which 'improve or promote the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of their areas and contribute to the achievement of sustainable development'. Government guidance indicates that local authorities should make use of existing mechanisms like LA21 when developing their strategies, but has left it up to them to decide how, if at all, their community strategies relate to their LA21 activities. "

Reducing food access: Once you've tried to reduce energy usage (the result of the 1992 Kyoto Protocol), although everyone needs the rooms at roughly the same temperature so is no different to reducing air and water usage, food is next. There are two ways they are doing this so far, burning it for biofuel which raises prices, reduces supply, and causes starvation in the third world, and using measures to reduce meat consumption, which will gradually increase prices and reduce supply in the developed world, all under the imaginary threat of global warming. Starve or live under slightly different climate conditions? I know what you'd prefer.

Early indoctrination: Britain and now America (at the very least) have compulsory classes teaching children to nag their parents about their carbon footprint. If they followed them the children would live in cold houses, travel less and possibly even have a less healthy diet, so they both divide a family at an early age but if any parents follow the orders the children will actually suffer.

From a 1977 Unesco conference: “The objectives and strategies relating to the environment and to development had to be linked and coordinated. (…) It would be the task of education to make people aware of their responsibilities in this connection, but in order to do so it must first be reoriented and based on an ethos of the environment” And a little further on he states: “Environmental education should also promote attitudes which would encourage individuals to discipline themselves in order not to impair the quality of the environment and to play a positive role in improving it.”
All very innocent so far, then it widens its scope:
“Some countries have also taken an interest, as part of in-service training activities, in the environmental education of various social and occupational categories of the population, such as factory workers, farmers, civil servants, etc. Marked progress has been made in the preparation of audio-visual and printed teaching materials concerning the environment, and the mass media are being increasingly used for sensitizing and informing broad sectors of the public about the environment.”
Ten years later in a Moscow meeting the details were becoming more apparent:
The second level is “to harness school systems, non-formal learning and informal education to teach and learn about the global issues that shape and threaten the quality of our lives.” Arriving at the third and last level of global indoctrination, Mayor states: “The third level concerns the means at our disposal to project a global reach for education through both simple and highly advanced existing technologies. (…) the daily newspaper and radio have a crucial role to play in building bridges to the wider world. We must promote these media, defend and expand their freedom and appeal to their professionals at all levels to work with us for global education.”

They even created a term for it (as they do for everything, listed on another entry), 'Information repackaging', that is basically the exact opposite of what I am doing here by unwrapping it.

Banning dissent: This is not officially in the regulations, but David Suzuki wants to prosecute anyone who 'denies climate change' and many other activists and politicians agree with him. You can never have the facts getting in the way of the rules. Under the local action plans ostracising detractors is official policy so is only a matter of degree before it becomes backed by law somewhere.

Building regulations: Under mainly EU and national rules new buildings are now ordered to be 'sustainable', besides the essential insulation which anyone can put in anyway along with double glazing, they are restricting the use of cars by limiting the parking provision, meaning it is near on impossible to live or work in the new buildings if you own one. That removes the option from both ends by either banning their use in certain areas or removing the spaces to park them during the working day or overnight. They are also trying to use alternative means of heating, such as the impossibly designed air source heat pumps, which pretend to create heat from nowhere but basically use up a lot of electricity at many times the cost of a normal boiler and can't heat more than a couple of rooms at best. And they all have solar panels whether you want them or not, you still have to pay the many thousands it cost to include them. Unless they got a government grant in which case everyone else paid for them and get nothing back.

Volunteering: Where did David Cameron's 'Big Society' come from? You've guessed it. As they starve councils of money, who then have to close libraries, and the government (under EU 'liberalisation' rules) had to privatise the Post Office, who then close branches, what happens? Either people don't have a local library or post office, or people set them up in their own time. They work shifts and keep the smaller places going part time, saving the governments a fortune. The services are required, but no longer guaranteed to be paid for from your taxes. So by creating the problems that force people to roll up and use their own valuable time to look after their community they are effectively stealing their money if their time is valued by the minimum wage or more.

Communism: Hidden within the folds are plans to redistribute wealth from the west, through restrictions on industry and development blamed on global warming, and admitted openly in the 2010 interview with UN economist Ottmar Edenhofer. As put again by our professor, "This of course means, reducing the standards of living in “The North” (U.S., Europe) and upgrading those of the developing nations (“The South and The East”). This would have to be realized through what Sachs calls “Economic Sustainability”: “made possible by a more efficient allocation and management of resources and a steady flow of public and private investment.” So now we know.

Summary of rules at all levels
Response to official plans

So when you see councils of all colours and across the world applying seemingly weird policies and following each other into rebuilding and recreating where you live, this is the reason behind it. Have any of your roads been closed or diverted? Are there now far more immigrants from countries with no official status coming into your area despite having few qualifications or abilities the community needs? Are your food and energy bills going up far more than ever before, basically all the essentials you must spend on before you can on anything else? Not a coincidence. If you travel nationally or abroad, why are there so many more bus lanes (taken from existing roads, not added), low speed limits, tower blocks, road pricing, immigrants from other continents, with countries and localities losing their old characters like shopping centres, becoming more and more similar with more blocks of flats, immigrant ghettoes, road restrictions and similar propaganda whoever is in power. Their change agents, volunteers again trained by local UN groups such as UnLtd in Britain are taking over councils like sleepers, infiltrating them with UN people officially or unofficially to impose the regulations on them regardless of what people want. That has gone since the Rio Summit in 1992 which put this into law (once adopted), and now overrides every single choice you have. Welcome to the real world in the 21st century. It runs totally on your knowledge and consent. Gain the knowledge and take away the consent and it will all disappear.

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