Friday, 3 January 2014

Global warming- a deadly cult

I have finally pinned down the exact reason the entire field of man made global warming is bogus. It is not happening. Yes, technically, it is that simple. Let me explain:

You will already be familiar with the basics as I repeat them over and over. CO2 has risen 50% since 1850, a doubling adds 1C, the UN say over 2C is the point where the overall benefits of warming are overtaken by the problems (although we have never experienced such conditions to actually know), and on a rising trend at the 50% rise the total is just under 0.8C. Subtract the natural rise and you are left fairly close to the exact 0.5C figure the CO2 would add. The element the UN claim is going to raise the temperature anywhere from 2-6C is from oceanic evaporation, causing increased water vapour in the required atmospheric bands, and not forming clouds. Unfortunately you cannot model cloud cover, which is a cooling factor, so the models only included water vapour and also left out the other major coolant, aerosol pollution, for the same reason. So by leaving out the cooling factors the models had to be too high, as they were.

Cults tell you they are the only source of information you can have. No one and nothing else counts, and if they disagree then they are your enemy, including and especially your own family. Telling young children to tell their parents to reduce their carbon footprints, and put their health at risk by turning down the heating, is the sort of dangerous divisive act exactly from the worst possible cults. Telling their followers a lack of warming and growing Antarctic ice and colder European winters are signs of warming is admittedly bloody stupid, but they do and are fully believed. Despite there being absolutely no studies expecting a delay in warming from added CO2, or any known physical processes, as water evaporates evenly, that is not a possible factor in their ammunition. Except for James Hansen, who claims warming is logarithmic, and won't really happen till around 2080 according to his unique sea level diagram with no references to how he worked out the mechanism.

So, they want you to believe that despite CO2 being a weak insulator and no evidence of positive feedback from any other source (melting sea ice would also do it slightly by the ocean absorbing more heat, but overall it hasn't melted), and every single parameter indicating after a 50% rise in CO2 it is physically impossible to raise the temperature anywhere near 2C people still believe it. Therefore global warming is not an area of science, but entirely of belief, ie faith. The believers ignore all they know, ie the current and historic facts we can measure and be certain of, and dismiss it entirely on projections in the future, even though the existing evidence it totally against its existence, and they will not live to see the result anyway.

So those of us who simply assess what we already know, and then compare it with the trends of the projections into the future, can both see the warming which has occurred is negligible, and with such a high rise in CO2 can clearly not be significantly affected however much is added, as once it doubles it must then double again to add another 1C, which couldn't be produced at such a high level of over 1000ppm. So the believers have to actually dismiss current knowledge as well as have total faith in predictions which they can never know the outcome of.

Here is a diagram of interglacial periods. Every 125,000 years or so most ice melts and then freezes again for small and large ice ages. The CO2 can clearly be seen to rise, but not before it heats but after, as it is released from the ocean as warming releases gas from water. Hippos lived in Britain the last peak, as bones have been found as far as the north of England, and it needed a higher temperature than present for them to survive the winters.

History can clearly be relied on, and so can present evidence. But when you have faith then every current figure is interpreted in relation to your beliefs, and when they conflict the belief must win, as people with faith put it as their highest value and any actual facts which disagree with it here and now must ultimately turn out to be wrong in their system. As long as that is the case the cult will cause more damage over time, restricting the availability of energy and power and forcing poor people to die of cold and starvation from rising food prices. This increases in range and intensity over time as more countries adopt the same policies and increase the taxes annually. And it is all entirely founded on faith at the total expense of reality. That is a deadly combination.

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