Saturday, 18 January 2014

Divide and rule- the formula

Using my psychology hat, a combination of animalistic fear to protect ones family and a human trust in authority is more than enough to overcome and conceal any facts.

Said authorities are in authority in the first place as they understand and exploit this mechanism, and then watch as the rebelling minorities are herded into shape by the rest of their subjects.

Until we can expose and break this formula of divide and rule society will always be the pawns of tyrants. There is more than enough evidence this formula is true yet friends I have known for 50 years in some cases have dropped me as I fight to destroy this evil position as their fear and trust in authority is greater than their loyalty and intelligence. It is the most evil condition in society and one which can only ever cause division, poverty and in extreme cases deaths.


Of course this has been used since day one, but never worldwide and on such a scale as global warming. Every single element of it can fit this formula. Children being taught to police their parents' carbon emissions. Al Gore saying global warming threatens your unborn grandchildren. Greenpeace and James Hansen saying sea levels will go up 20 feet. They all have one thing in common. They can either be disproved instantly or are too vague to ever know the truth in real life. Once the public are caught in the sticky web of lies the quality no longer even needs to be tentatively based on reality, the truth sandwich of hiding a lie in real facts is abandoned, so when it stops warming, gets colder and the models are proved wrong they say it's warming faster than ever, the results are exactly as the models said, and colder weather was predicted as part of warming.

Normally an individual saying that would be put away either in prison if dishonest, or a mental institution if crazy, but here they are running the world and the herds of sheep all accept whatever they say as if they have been hypnotised to forget the number seven, or something operating exactly the same mechanism. Everything is because of the Jews, sorry, mankind, so nothing can't be caused by it. And everything is warming, even cooling.

For fuck's sake, wake up!

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