Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Cheating, the basis of the 21st century

I have pinned down the element common to all areas of the decline of 21st century politics, the majority of our authorities and their related institutions such as the media are corrupt, ie rather than seeking to succeed in their areas through excellence, they are cheating. I am not making this up or exaggerating, and can present a long chain of examples to illustrate both obvious and subtle methods anyone who has either succeeded in their chosen field, or exerts power over others has done so by deception and altering the playing field and its related attributes.

Lance Armstrong represents the individual cheat, made possible through the bribery and corruption of countless others in order to carry it out, and technically not even individual as the majority of others in both cycling and individual sport were involved one way or another, even only to the extent of protecting the guilty, a crime in many legal systems as guilty as carrying it out yourself. The fact all the known individual and organised cheating took many years to surface is not relevant, as the largest element of all deception is invisibility, so unless they could work in the dark for that period of time, with the risk of discovery being acceptable compared to the potential gains in the meantime, it could never happen in the first place. And the fact some are discovered means it is far more likely most never will be and your government may indeed be spraying viruses in the air to reduce the population and you will never know it for certain. But regardless of the unknown examples we may never know about, the clues to suspicion are all similar. Anyone working with criminals will know the signs, evasiveness, wild claims and inconsistencies mean someone is almost guaranteed to be lying to you and has something nasty to hide. But behind all this filth is the belief it is both easier and acceptable to succeed not through winning fairly but necessary to cheat.

How this cheating is carried out is familiar to us all. From video games where you know the buttons to jump to the next level instead of qualifying, to looking over someone's exam paper to see their answers, what they all have in common is you haven't actually won. Yes, you may get a certificate, but for the rest of your life you will know if anyone ever finds out how you got it it will be taken away, just like Lance Armstrong's record numbers of Tour de France wins. I'd say the only missing element is the persuasive evidence whether cheating currently represents the majority motivation of power worldwide, or the Libor fixing, Bernie Madoff, Enron and Hillsborough evidence tampering are all isolated incidents (although all required massive collusion to continue for as long as they all did so if nothing else represent a very solid and powerful system to maintain fraud at the highest levels).

Because of the nature of human psychology, the top of the food chain believe bad is actually good, and boast about it openly as technically they are quite probably as fireproof, at least in the medium term, as they believe they are. Therefore Mike Hulme and Karl Kruszelnicki freely admit they have to lie and cheat to get the climate change message across or no one would do anything about it, while at the highest level members of David Rockefeller's groups publish and share quotes that they need to divide society against itself with imaginary fears to control them as one. Having lived through the end of one century and the beginning of the next, I can reliably state that this is not the norm, and has only taken over from its roots in the 70s of councils gradually beginning to restrict people's freedoms by closing roads and promoting political correctness, to the UN openly making plans to rule the entire planet based on the imaginary threat of global warming. That in itself could (along with Enron, who created carbon trading) be used to represent the entire threat and spread of cheating worldwide, as nearly every government in the world has become infected by the virus of global warming lies, and are restricting its citizens development in economic and physical ways as a result, diverting huge amounts of their wealth to businesses and scientists. The entire field of global warming was exposed as a cesspit of filthy detritus with the exposure of their internal communications, which to anyone but those personally involved in some way (including the faithful followers) would confirm beyond all doubt that their suspicions all the adjustments and selective data were indeed falsified. Add the admissions I've mentioned above from the very sources of such data and I would suggest the entire field is void.

The entire philosophy is erroneous and tainted. Yes, we can all find ways to succeed more without producing more, but as I said before, as well as leaving a permanent stain on our characters, even if no one else but ourselves know about it, there is no reason to do so as we can all have everything the proper way and also have no chance of being found out and punished at a later date. Bearing in mind Lance Armstrong now has nothing and will never get it back, he represents the full circle of cheating from start, middle and finish. He started winning, kept winning as he wasn't discovered, created a greater and greater network of protection, and was finally exposed and lost more than everything as he is now a convicted and branded cheat, and that is all he will ever now be known for, like Enron and Bernie Madoff alike.

I have already explained how businesses can succeed by treating the customers and staff as an equal part of the business, rather than slaves to be exploited and paid the bare minimum and the enemy who must be caught by cheating with false promises. The same applies to every achievement, if you can't do it properly then either improve and try again or try something you stand a better chance in. Simply altering the pass marks so more people get A grades and degrees doesn't mean they were ever good enough to pass them before, just that someone wanted more graduates to get them out of the unemployment figures for three years. Hospitals given targets don't make people wait less to be seen, they just measure the time differently by keeping them in ambulances or on trolleys which don't count as waiting time. Police will always fiddle crime figures when targets are created, and overlook some reports to give the impression the crimes have reduced. All on orders from above, like Hillsborough. People will always find ways round necessary rules to give the impression they were followed, and as a result will simply weaken the foundations of a system for their own personal convenience. Whyever or however they do it, they are both dirtying the society they are in, and gaining nothing genuine in the long run, even any wealth obtained from theft will be dirty money and spent in guilt, which if nothing else on the day of judgement, not when they are dead but know they are dying, may realise how much harm they caused to their victims and what people will think of them after they discover how they got it. Some things are greater than wealth and integrity and decency are two of them. Just because someone gets away with a crime doesn't mean it wasn't carried out, and they will still have one eye open for the rest of their lives, even if they don't realise it, as they know they did it and someone may eventually find out sooner or later.

But today, in the 21st century, most politics is driven by deception. From global warming to the false idea low interest rates are good for the masses, every policy by the ruling parties is based on pretending they are trying to help while picking your pockets. The tyranny of the EU, carrying out policies which were unable to complete from two world wars, with the greater Germany ruling the entire continent of Europe as is their perceived birthright, with their natural allies France and Italy, to UN plans for a carbon tax and currency to prevent global warming which they invented to bring in a world carbon tax, currency and the government required to administer it. Ultimately partly via Rockefeller's groups the world is being governed by a single coordinated system designed to these very ends, and when people speak out, against things like immigration (which sucks dry economies when uncontrolled as the structure cannot take the numbers, and allows people to simply leave poor countries and gain the benefits of richer ones without putting in the centuries of preparation that made them richer), weakening family values through gay marriage and alternative family systems (not through the marriage itself but family rights over children which are not the progeny of the 'parents'), and then demonising or criminalising its opponents. While the public are fighting amongst themselves accusing their peers of homophobia or hate speech for daring to mention the child sex gangs are Muslim immigrants (while the cheating authorities do their best to either hide their origins, or worse still not investigate them to keep the society ignorant of its existence), the same authorities are working to take away as much as they can from those who are paying their wages to look after the country, under the guise of protection. That is the most dangerous type of cheating, breach of trust, and unless and until we can see it for exactly what it is, Marx's principle of the pendulum eventually swinging back from its extremes may never happen. It is not up to them to stop doing it, it is up to us to see they are and expose it to all.

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