Monday, 11 April 2016

The parasite formula

I have described various political mechanisms as parasites already, but Max Keiser just added the last piece to the formula to make it fully understandable, the parasite which fools its host into believing it needs it, similar to the sympathy for your oppressor found in Stockholm Syndrome. This now explains why so many people hold on to their parasites even after exposure, being fooled into feeling it somehow isn't really a parasite and is actually symbiotic, benefiting both sides, which of course when relieved of its shell reveals a typical tapeworm underneath no one on earth would want to be holding while sucking their blood.

Fear of uncertainty was the closest I got, centred in Britain over the fear of change and the unknown, meaning whatever hell they have got used to they'd rather keep it than face the mystery alternative, like leaving the EU or Scottish independence. It's also similar to the viruses which hide from the immune system and live in the host till they both expire such as herpes. It also covers the entire realm of delusional mental illness, transgenderism, dysphoria, anorexia, and all forms of obsession and addiction. It provides a formula (once one is created) to unlock the delusion wherever it is lodged, and free both the sufferer and their unintended victims, the people they attack around them because they are believed to be their enemy. Global warming fear and belief is the current flavour, with the emotional override of common sense being operated by the enemies in authority who know it to be untrue. But such a fear can easily be manufactured using Goebbels propaganda methods and Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals. They, like the wolf in sheep's clothing, false prophets and Antichrist/Satan work by getting your trust, creating a problem and then allowing themselves as bloodsuckers as the solution using the Hegelian dialectic just described, problem, reaction, solution, one no one would never have accepted without the false fear, which then locks on as a parasite they believe they need carbon taxes, which suck them and everyone else dry, as they believe they need their parasites for both themselves and their families to survive.

So in practice smokers think they enjoy slowly killing themselves, alcohol and drug addicts believe they need their poison to feel OK, and generally the enemy appears to them as the friend, while all others around them can see the truth. This is the general formula for all, and the next stage with no clear or obvious answers besides gradual and extended exposure to the truth will release them from this hold. But at least we know the diagnosis and cause, and it's entirely imaginary. And if it's not real it should be easier to cure.

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