Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Stage two, work with the energy of evil.

I have now reached a point where the great majority of information has been provided. It is now time to begin stage two. With the foundation built of a knowledge base, breaking the illusions of false consent through fraud, the next stage is to shift the negative energy exploiting it. This is the mechanism.

Everybody has a weakness. Negative energy/ies exploit this, and overshadow an individual and take over their personal ability to think in that weak area, whatever it is. The most familiar till now has been the paranoid schizophrenic, something I have worked with throughout my career, and found how many have almost identical delusions and voices telling them bad things about themselves and other people. Then I noticed it in other areas, extreme murderous Islam, Nazis, global warming promoters and followers, all affected by an apparent uniform groupthink, with a small group of genuinely evil leaders and millions of gullible weak followers who have de facto lost that portion of their conscious mind, like Star Trek's Borg, and speak as one. I regularly have conversations with those who consider themselves on the liberal left, and when inevitably they bring their friends in as mass bullying sessions against the bigot (me in this case) it's almost impossible to tell the difference between one and the other as they use the same routines and phrases with clearly little or no individual thinking.

This has come to the extreme with the bad people taken over by these forces. They are no different to the poor girl in The Exorcist who spit fire and worse, swear, blaspheme and are clearly overshadowed by a force far worse than anything normal in the human world. Even the 'nicer' people would still either carry out the same evils or support others doing so, whether making people die of cold by raising their energy prices or taking away their personal freedom by restricting or banning the use of 'personal transport', UN talk for cars.

So stage two of the mission is neutralising the bad energy. Whether or not people have undergone the normally lengthy process of learning even the important elements of the big picture, those still totally afflicted can be freed and shifted of the nastiness hanging over them in moments when the work has been done. So rather than the smaller group of neutrals or willing pupils, this works on virtually everyone. They needn't know we're doing it, want it, and nearly all think it's us who have the problem, as the evil force occupying their minds knows we are the enemy of evil so the human so affected will also. This is their problem and not ours, and by working with the most extreme and severely afflicted we can shift some or more of the energy that the rest will lift off as a result, like lifting a shroud from a heap of treasure. The treasure was always there underneath but not visible to outside or itself, but when the shroud is removed it becomes as if it was never there on it in the first place and the true and pure good beneath it will shine through again. We only need a partial level of this for the complete power to collapse, as of course once a minority are affected there won't be enough to maintain a general belief in evil and wrong ideas and concepts. The foundation will be gone and life can and will return to normal, less the belief in global warming, Jihad, men are able to turn into women, everyone is equally talented whoever they are (rather than equally valuable but unique), and every other concept of reality which has been covered by the dark lens or cataract of wrong thinking. The lens will be removed and the light will shine again.

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