Friday, 24 October 2014

"Most people"

Most people use credit cards. Most people borrow to buy things they don't actually need rather than saving less over a period of time and buying them for cash. Bankers rarely if ever use credit cards. They sell them, they profit from them, they know they are not any good for people.

The point being what 'Most people' do isn't right because most people do it, that is wrong, it is because most people don't know any better, and follow the masses and the salesmen who persuade them subtlely or otherwise that's what they should be doing.

There are plenty of other examples, I'm sure you can think of them, like people getting rid of their clothes every year as they have gone out of fashion. There's nothing wrong with them, they will last a decade or two more, but they go away as some cleverer people than you have persuaded you there is something wrong with wearing the same clothes for more than a year. That is a coup de grace. Imagine fashion was a foreign concept, you'd come down to a planet or seen a film where instead of wearing decent good quality clothes that looked good till they wore out they made them look slightly different every year and most people accepted after a year they became obsolete. Which is of course absolute bollocks, but how many people do it? Enough to waste resources making new clothes constantly most of which aren't needed. And new cars, phones and computers, which replace ones which last for years and work perfectly well because of another imaginary concept, peer pressure, where no one actually cares (who are worth worrying about anyway) what phone, shoes or car you have, but you are more concerned with that than what you actually own and how much money you waste on it.

Once you awaken to this concept, that many of the things most people do have no reasoning behind them besides the fact people making money from it who are cleverer than them have convinced them to, you become free. You buy what you want when you need it, and never get an overdraft deliberately, or spend far more than it would otherwise cost to go on holiday a year earlier rather than spend the money you'd have paid every month afterwards on a loan could have saved up for it for about 30% less. It's a single idea, a single understanding of conditions which will both allow you to see the masses are often wrong and badly so, and there is absolutely no reason to follow them. It's that easy.

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