Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Big oil does not exist in reality

The two memes of Big Oil and the Fossil Fuel Industry are raised many times each day, but they do not exist. They are actually either energy companies, who sell power to the public and companies, or conglomerates who invest in many areas depending on what is currently the best deal.
The energy companies (Shell, BP, Exxon, Texac...o etc) are habitually referred to as the above by people who know nothing about business, spread to millions of other people who know nothing about business, and then replace the reality with the received wisdom of myth. In fact these companies sell energy regardless of its method of generation.

Therefore if renewables become more profitable they simply include them as part of their portfolio, and as renewables provide guaranteed returns through subsidies, then they prefer them to the volatile fossil fuel supply, and then by artificially restricting fossil fuel the governments create a shortage which makes their fossil fuel worth more as well. Therefore they can't lose either way and all bet on both horses and couldn't care less how they make their money, and have the biggest stakes in both renewables and climate research in the world.

Unlike the complex and uncertain climate figures these are simply stating the facts available to everyone to check for themselves. For example this quote from 1997 shows Shell putting $500 million into renewables, despite them admitting they are nowhere near as effective as fossil fuel. Since then you will find the proportions switching are increasing and renewables make a growing part of all these company's profits despite them not delivering at the point of use. Businesses do not have minds, morals or principles, they invest their money in what will bring them the best returns, if it's renewables then they promote and sell renewables. They have no interest in convincing people against them as they would be wrecking their own streams of income if they do.

In 1997 Shell moved $500 million into renewables despite admitting they are 5-10% as effective as fossil fuel. Shell admit the truth

BP plough a fortune into renewables

Texaco switch to renewable in Jamaica

The Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia was not just funded by green activist groups like Greenpeace but most of the major energy companies. Why would they do this if they were signing their own death warrants? This is a simple concept, do not allow ignorance to prevail.


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