Wednesday, 3 September 2014

"It can't happen here"

This is an established theory in psychology, but one so important and relevant now everyone needs to be aware of it so they don't get caught in one of the most dangerous known illusions.

The theory is very simple. We watch the worst possible atrocities in the hotter and dirtier parts of the world, and all give a sigh of relief as of course, "it can't happen here". Why exactly not? Are humans one side of a border any better than the other? And if you look at your own history you will find it has happened here, just better hidden than the third world lunatics who have no opposition so no need to cover up their actions with weasel words and claims of being done in the public good. Examples, I hear you say? Well, besides many reports of the US military testing chemical and biological weapons after the last war by simply spraying them over the people and seeing what happened, more of that to come, Operation Northwoods revealed the first known false flag operation, where the CIA wrote plans to pretend Cubans had attacked America (the deaths would be very real) in order to gain support for attacking them. The fact Kennedy vetoed them (and look what happened to him) is irrelevant, as (using my rule of precedent) it means it has happened once and is clearly not just possible but quite probably standard procedure, this was just the one that leaked out.

The word which applies best to this situation is psychopathic, showing no regard for human life outside your own, so treat other people as not real but just things to be rearranged at will. People look at British law, and compare India, Nigeria and Italy as being corrupt, but it can't happen here. The current top industry in the Italian economy is the Mafia at 8% of GDP. We both therefore know Italy's reputation as crook central is genuine, the government must be part of it as if they are now officially recognising organised crime then it must be officially supported, how else could it exist? Then I read an article last week quite casually mentioning the entire city of Aberdeen (the one in Scotland, not Sicily) is run by the mafia. I was almost surprised, but as the mind behind the Information Revolution not quite, as it can happen here. Any time, anywhere, any scam.

Now what is the level of dirt? The lowest, of course. The second step people must take is to recognise the lowest level exists at all, and the activities of ISIS, casually walking in to towns in Iraq and slaughtering everyone not one of them, with absolutely no initial opposition, both proves humans can exist at that depth, it is not a few extreme individuals, but entire sections of society. Then take that and extend it, as if it's possible in Iraq, then it's possible here, including the US as I've just demonstrated, don't trust your governments. If they show any signs of trying something then don't just not trust them, condemn them and kick them out, and ideally get them tried for their crimes, breach of trust is one of the lowest of them all, and treason is also on the agenda once you analyse some of the worst acts.

Do you really believe ISIS are an isolated local bunch of nutcases? Well, besides the imported terrorists and their supporters the west have welcomed in to spread the love far and wide, they also recruit locals who were not brought up as radical Muslims, and one by one join the bandwagon while as they say on Crimewatch, it could be your neighbour. I am not actually trying to cause paranoia, but point out not only can everything that happens there happen here, but not to turn blind eyes to the most extreme actions of those outside government, as like the scams and killings carried out by the western subtle means, the same tricks can be carried out by both businesses (such as the claim made on Talk Sport by Ian Royce that his friend let slip his own company had long since found a cure for viruses and kept it secret), and powerful individuals. Psychopathy is not distributed locally, but evenly around society, and as their main motivation is power and control many will end up with plenty of it as a direct result. The only difference (also revealed in a study) between the success is whether they are openly crazy or not. Wolves in sheep's clothing befriend the herd, offer gifts and protection, and then ravage them in the night. Then they wash the blood off their sheepskins, cry crocodile tears the next morning, and go back in their role of head sheep. The others never see through it and just wander around looking for the murderer of their friend and family member.

So the solution is to be aware it exists and can happen here, and look for the signs. Don't assume ordinary people are tainted as most ordinary people have no power so would not be part of it. Just those with any power as that is possibly why they have it, and assume they are not just your friends, but against you, or at least indifferent to whether you live or die. If their company can get a massive arms contract for chemical weapons (Britain has far more than Syria, look up Porton Down for just a hint of our massive arsenal) it's not such a difference testing them on their own people than using them on others- after all, if you can even make them to be used then does it matter that much who they are being used on? That is the mentality, the mindset of using other human beings as pawns and killing or maiming them as part of experiments or business arrangements, much like those carried out wholesale by the Nazis who experimented on live people just as we do now with animals, which for the same reason I personally believe are no more moral. If you treat animals badly that in fact singles out many who went on to become killers, as cruelty to animals is the clearest sign someone is a psychopath of the lowest order. There is a hierarchy with psychopaths, each has their own boundaries, and the ones in charge probably have the fewest. They won't kill you for nothing, just when you are in their way or a means to gain something, the same goes for the other forms of harm. A small minority hurt for pleasure, but they will end up in confinement, the rest can regulate, and in the west at least, hide the vast majority of their actions, hire others to carry them out anonymously (Lady Di anyone?), and employ teams of PR merchants to divert everyone's attention.

But if you still don't believe me then just read some of my links on managed depopulation, by, you've guessed it, your friends and mine, the UN. The people set up to protect the world after the Nazis took over for a while. And they are carrying on exactly the same things under Agenda 21 but far better hidden as unlike ISIS people noticed the Nazis and got enough of the decent majority to stop them. You can't carry out major atrocities in public or the public will attempt to stop you if they have any opportunity to, or others will return to stop you going further after you wiped out your initial victims. You have to hide your actions indefinitely otherwise confidence will be lost and you will end up convicted of treason or war crimes, but like diarrhea, the truth will always eventually leak out, and people will smell the stink beforehand and notice. And if enough people are alerted in advance they can seek it out and deal with it before the entire system is poisoned with it.

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