Friday, 5 September 2014

Freedom- do you love it or hate it?

The wish for freedom on all counts is the indication of an independent mind free of outside programming as it is your natural state. You never give up your freedom without an extremely good present reason, and then for as short a period as possible. People are driven by the wish for freedom, yet many millions around the world have lost that innate drive by years of pressure from those in power wishing to impose their wishes on them and take it away. Of course it is impossible to ask people to hand over their freedom unilaterally, so reasons need to be created constantly which most people cannot or will not investigate to do so. This was reframed under communism by Hegel into a means to topple capitalism and bring about the rule of the proletariat. Hegelian dialectic
By creating imaginary fears in otherwise relatively contented populations, masses can be easily manipulated into demonising any scapegoat the rulers wish to use to jump into action and offer, nay insist, on neutralising it, at a huge cost of deaths in battle and through enforced rationing of resources and poverty. There is nothing new this time round besides the scale, and the people have never learnt from every previous example as by making each one different most people can't see the similarities.

Rule one, do not take anyone's word for anything. What makes the authorities able to be in charge? You do, unless they have taken it by force in which case you may not even be able to read this. You employ people (with your money paying them) to do the things we can't do ourselves. They are working for us, not themselves. If they start taking advantage of the position (as they all will) it's not just vital to stop them in any ways possible, but to firstly to actually know they are doing it. And before anyone says what about trusting people better qualified than myself, then I'd say that if they break the rules of logic in any way then they are using their qualifications to take advantage of those without them, and simply exploiting their power. And you can see it, don't let anyone tell you you're unable or incapable of seeing through tricks however bright and important the perpetrators.

For example, predictions are for primitive societies, not 21st century. If it's not part of a linear progression you can't make them. For example, the solar system is guaranteed to be wherever it is each day as it always has done. If you allow as many foreigners into a country as they please, and each year around 250,000 are added in total then unless the policies change that is a reasonable prediction that it will continue as you know the previous record. Outside such basic direct relationships everything else is virtually (as in long term weather forecasts) or totally worthless, as in nearly all others. If those in the highest authority, such as the UN and the world's top scientists start claiming they can make predictions you are being taken for a ride. It cannot ever be done in an open system, no exceptions. The longer the period the wider the error margin, yet the UN IPCC have some going as far ahead for the climate as 2300. They want to take your freedom away based on that and that alone, as the amount of the minimum 2C global warming they need to be a problem is 40%, and as even they say will not happen till 2050-2100 if it ever does at all. Meanwhile the trend since CO2 began rising is 0.05C a decade since 1850, a quarter of the 2C they expected right now.

Secondly, take no one's word for claims you can't test yourself. Is the temperature rising overall? If no one told you would you be able to tell, and if they did tell you would you be able to check it? In this case because of the internet you stand a fighting chance, although when you look for the first time you find three datasets- raw, adjusted and anomalies. My own research tells me this position allows it to be exploited and doctored, so whatever the actual temperatures were originally it is very easy to hide and alter them so much a trend can be created, see my linked fraud blog to see two entries dedicated to examples. Next, trust your own experience. If you live (as I do) in an area dominated by immigrants, years of experience will tell you more than any politician or pressure group ever can over the actual consequences. Increased crimes, especially knife, gun and random muggings, as well as credit card fraud and the like from the new Eastern European influx, are something we read in the local and national papers, and anyone living there can tie up (even without photos or names) the area with the likely perpetrators, and now the Rotherham sex ring has finally come to light which was covered up for well over a decade, each eventual honest report will confirm most suspicions.

Then the other pressures described in my previous entry simply from overcrowding, as well as the isolation and communication difficulties caused by large foreign communities speaking in their own languages (as we all would elsewhere and quite rightly so) and further employing mostly people from their own  and even advertising both in their language and country for people to come straight over, often without a word of English. If Gordon Brown and Tony Blair (although not Ed Miliband, as he wants to be elected rather than been and gone so don't mind what they say) call anyone racist or a bigot for pointing out the decline in the quality of life from cramming in millions of extra people into a small country, even the ones who can't be worked out till you hear them speak (as it is not specifically a racial issue at all), then if they speak against your own long term direct experience you are almost always going to be right. Muslims (we have to speak openly or accept everything the government does to us without question) demonstrate against western freedom and democracy, and are creating more and more Islamic zones in Britain (illegally) where they try and enforce the very restrictions they left behind in their own countries, and rather than enjoy the relief of coming to a free country are trying to remove it even for the non-believers. It goes against their own nature, and we must be both free to deal with such threats to our freedom, and be free to speak openly when anyone as they do become a threat to it. Isis have already said the west is next, and whether or not they are capable of it we don't want to take a chance and lie back and see. Nothing is more valuable than your freedom once your basic needs are cared for, and as seen in prison where even the poor can eat and have a roof over their heads their lives are empty. The most basic realisation, it's not death, the worst punishment of all is taking away someone's freedom.

It is an overall discovery, that when you wake up and realise high taxes don't usually go anywhere you can pinpoint, and many people in countries with very low tax like Estonia somehow manage perfectly well while others like France are steadily heading down the toilet despite a rampantly socialist interventionist government taking far more for ostensible better public services and less poverty. Curing poverty by taking money away is hardly a logical move. They tell you it's unfair for the poor/lazy/untalented to be worse off than the others, so take money from those who generally work hard and produce more than the others to even out the difference. Except in many cases although some of them do get small tax breaks and freebies to ensure the votes, the poverty gap never goes away whatever the governments try on, as it is impossible to even out people's wealth without a total police state, and in places like Cuba where that is the case, the inevitable result of evening out wealth is always to make everyone equally poor, even without the added US sanctions as there were queues for food across the USSR as well despite being rolling in money from gas and oil which was kept within the membership of the Communist Party while everyone else was in the gutter.

This is not corruption, it is the essence of left wing economics. Corruption makes it worse, but the actual philosophy and ensuing policies are innately corrupt, as it sacrifices individual freedom for the collective. As the collective, like a prison, is made up of individuals, then by creating the loss of individual rights for the collective it is effectively imprisoning everyone under that system. Travel restrictions are always the first sign of a totalitarian state, as besides crossing borders which is another issue entirely, freedom to travel and live anywhere in your own country is a given, and when it is restricted then you are no longer in a free country. The London congestion charge has stopped my neighbour leaving his children with his mother in the school holidays as he can't afford to go there each weekday. 20mph zones, humps and barriers make it harder for everyone to get around, slows down buses and emergency vehicles alike, and totally makes everything worse with not a single benefit. They don't stop accidents or save lives as more people die from ambulances having to slow down getting to a call or with someone on board, and barriers on roads mean people swerving to avoid them and the oncoming traffic they force into your lane will always outnumber any unknowable missed children, especially when drivers are busier avoiding hazards or watching their speed than the actual road conditions as they should be. The EU and UN plans to ban cars entirely from cities is just the next stage of this. Of course without the false myth of global warming (something even the heaviest adjustments have now failed to create in reality) people would revolt against such measures, but the sheep just bleat for even more and even faster. The useful idiots, another communist term for the masses who work to keep society in order, like a private police force, are essential to keep everyone down. Wake them up and it cannot stay there as we naturally bounce back when we are pushed down, because we are animals, and every animal (even the Muslims who demonstrate against western values of freedom and democracy as they have been programmed to do so) wants to be free.

So a simple principle to test every single rule and regulation, if this feels bad then it almost certainly is, and even if you currently have to follow it or be prosecuted, fight and work to have it removed. And tell people why and how it is wrong.

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