Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The ultimate global warming formula

In a reply on Facebook I explained to someone I think has a degree in physics how his faith and fear removed any discretion he would have otherwise had to see through the most unscientific formula known to mankind, the IPCC global warming projection for 2100

 you are supporting a proposition that in 100 years (110 in fact when it was first written in the 90s) the temperature will (most probably, it's a forecast, not a prediction) rise between 1.5 and 6C from doubling CO2.

Now if you took that formula anywhere else, like a betting shop or investment bank and asked people to accept the terms you'd be laughed out of town. The error margin, one equivalent to putting a million pound bet on a team scoring between one and six goals, as you were both the buyer and the seller so you could fix your own terms and use other people's money to bet (much like the bankers did) is the greatest blow to science since Lysenkoism and the earth-centric universe theory. Plus the completion date was outside our lifetimes so impossible to claim the winnings.

How anyone with actual education has ever fallen for this formula as blinded by fear and faith in authority is one of the greatest disgraces since a certain politician convinced the German people the Jews were responsible for its economic problems, despite there being no history of German anti-Semitism (more than elsewhere) until then. It took Hitler around five years from a totally unresponsive public to work out a winning formula which combined genuine economic failure with the exploitation of people's innate gullibility and low discrimination to get them to help wipe out millions of innocent people just for not being Aryan, a race which never even existed.

Now if you see how easy it is to take utter nonsense, and fool millions of ordinary people with nothing more than their fear and your exploitation of it why don't you think they can do it over and over and over again, this time taking an equally mindless and baseless formula I just described, telling people it's their fault and making them pay for it forever.

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