Monday, 28 July 2014

Immigration and diversity. Did you vote for it?

This is an answer I gave to a question of my views on British unlimited immigration. I think I've covered most points and cannot be interpreted as racist if you are honest with yourself.

Until the 80s or so Britain had the same traditional immigration policies seen in just about every other country around the world, and was accepted as the right thing to do. Tony Blair then opened the floodgates, and used political propaganda to try and brand everyone who challenged it as racists.

Now the fact if you wander around London where I live and look at the tight communities of any and every race who have arrived from the 50s onwards, sticking together, moving into entire streets and shopping areas, holding parties and social activities exclusively within their own communities, and then many now not even bothering to learn English as they can easily work for people from their own countries and mix with them almost exclusively, simply transposing a small part of their own societies to one with a far better economic base.

It is not at all a bad thing this is happening, in the meaning we are designed by nature to stick with who and what is familiar to us, and why anyone would be able to form similar connections with anyone with a totally different previous life under completely different conditions, with different religions, cultures, beliefs etc is going to be a lot harder than with people they've grown up with and understand implicitly. It is Blair's fault for doing this, and Cameron's for doing absolutely nothing to change it. The pressure it's put on schools and medical facilities has added physical strain to the system, and competition for jobs has overcreated supply and lowered wages as a result. London is losing houses being replaced by flats at a growing rate, there is simply no room here or anywhere else in Britain for a million or more people expected to arrive here by 2020, and it is simply another method of cynical divide and rule to put innocent people against each other, both native and immigrant, and native against native while they pick our pockets and stab us in our backs. It is just as cruel on the immigrants as they are free to come here legally and it is not their fault the country encourages them to contribute to a problem of their own deliberate creation. Even refugees are meant to stop at the first safe country, but most cross Europe to try and get here as they know they will get the easiest time here even compared to the rest of Europe. That can only mean we've created the conditions required to make Britain the most inviting and open country probably in the entire world now for immigrants and will spend millions on translators and health care we can't even afford for ourselves at the moment.

Anyone here who thinks this is racist has been totally manipulated by the government to not know the difference between genuine racism and human nature, let alone the immense practical problems caused by unlimited immigration which are going to be felt for centuries ahead as they aren't going to change.

I've seen this change in the last 50 years in what is now the most ethnically diverse part of Britain along with Newham, and seen it absolutely first hand in every possible part of society. Very few people are actually racist in Britain, a hard core of extremists and little more, the rest are just ordinary people with no agenda, and simply want a free and easy life wherever possible, and why shouldn't they? Until the 90s I'd never heard a single person use diversity as not just a political ideology, but what has become exclusive in that it rejects all others as wrong.

Did you get a chance to vote for the 'Diversity Party' or similar? I don't think it was in any manifestos- did anyone read a single sentence claiming 'We will increase immigration and believe it is the right thing to do to mix races and cultures across Britain as far as possible? No. And now we have politicians criticising Cornwall and Newcastle for being 'too white'. If it wasn't so disgusting it would be laughable, but accusing your own people of being racist as they don't yet have many ethnic minorities living in their areas sounds like something from a quite different party if reversed to the other way around. Is it any different saying a town is too white or too black? I can't see it myself.

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