Thursday, 13 March 2014

Where's the climate feedback?

Despite the added CO2 reaching 50%, the temperature hasn't risen any more than supposed to with no feedback, in fact remove the natural rise and it has risen slightly less. Now I can demonstrate why. This in itself is a direct and simple explanation, proving beyond any doubt any added water into the atmosphere becomes cloud cover (cooling) and humidity is decreasing (cooling), so why hasn't it ever reached the news? It's pretty simple and clear, why don't people ever hear about it? But if you're reading this then pass it on, and they will.

Excuse the size, why anyone posts photos too small to read the text beats me, but the trend is clear.

So you can clearly see, it's no mystery why warming is negligible, the clouds have indeed increased while the humidity is actually reducing, so any effects from CO2 are almost being neutralised by natural processes. But being so clear and direct why hasn't anyone else pointed it out?
A new paper just out the same week I wrote this confirms this, as do the comments by the author and others beneath it Feedback calculations paper

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