Saturday, 29 March 2014

Divide and Rule

Using the Hegelian Dialectic, problem-reaction- solution, imagine the government (all of them, including the opposition and foreign partners etc) wanted to divide society to break down their power, they would work out as many ways as possible to do so, and invent any so called 'problem' with society which would do so. Therefore in the 21st century our British government has:

Brought in virtually unlimited immigration and then accused anyone even mentioning they have noticed it (let alone complaining) racist.

Allowed the EU to take away more and more power from our own parliament and when anyone accuses them of doing so, let alone dare to suggest leaving, calls them xenophobic and  chauvinist.

Claimed added CO2 in the atmosphere would raise the temperature dangerously (after we were all dead and gone so could never know, and with no direct evidence it would in the present), and get their useful idiot believer activists to call anyone who didn't believe it baby killers, and teach children at school to attack their own parents over their (imaginary) 'carbon footprints'.

Without a single party raising it in their manifestos or raising it for discussion, the coalition suddenly announced mid-term they were allowing gay couples to raise their existing statuses of civil partnerships to marriage, and accuse anyone who disagreed of homophobia.

Take it from me, the governments do not care about a single policy for itself, do not believe it is better for society, but what they all have in common is they create an artificial conflict among otherwise compatible groups. All they want to do is put groups of people they knew would fall on both sides for and against their policies, as they'd spent years doing their research and opinion polls etc, found out the very most contentious policies, and then brought them in, watched the fun, and made more and more to seal the deal.

Now we basically have two tribes in society, those affected who are the useful idiots, who genuinely believe, despite 80% of the evidence being against it, the temperature and sea level must still rise dangerously by 2100 if we don't dismantle the majority of technology and industry, marriage between the same sex is exactly the same as opposite sexes (try consummating it if you want to check), you can flood a small island with as many new people as possible and put absolutely no stress on society's services, doctors, dentists and teachers will appear from nowhere to supply their needs, and they will happily learn English and mix with the rest of society after a few years of adjustment, rather than form new versions of their villages previously, often working for each other, never learning English and becoming isolated from the rest of society as they tend to.

Because (as Marx claimed) you can't hold back natural processes, Ukip arrived and swept away the existing blocks on talking about leaving the EU and reducing immigration, but as gay marriage has only been made law today could not and should not have got involved there with side issues, or had as yet any effect over the greatest stroke of totalitarian propaganda, the worldwide myth of global warming. That will take much longer and simply needs everyone to look online and work out individually how it's about 80% less than they told us it would be in the 90s and reducing every year so far. You don't need a political party to tell you a scientific issue as it is not related to politics, but either correct or not, therefore, unless the crooked scientists admit it's no longer happening, something which would require a reversal of existing conditions to change and a new mechanism to cause them, you must use your own brains to see what is clearly happening around you.

Think about it, it all follows the same formula and worked exactly as I stated, free speech and criticism of opinion policies is being restricted more and more, so while the harder to suppress issues of immigration and EU totalitarianism as they are ruining everyone's lives directly more and more as they increase, the faith they have in science, authority and trust in human nature altogether holds back the dam of global warming beliefs, and the social opprobrium of being labelled a bigot means criticism of gay marriage, which is probably fairly general and widespread, is kept in private so the general impression is only the loonies (ie those with little social grace who openly question it) disagree and everyone else thinks it's wonderful. In fact no one cared before it became law or wanted it, and when it did most people I've heard in private can't understand why it was. That's not homophobia, it's perception. Just like wondering why there's such a long queue and wait for medical appointments recently. Why would any government want to deliberately introduce crazy policies they didn't approve of and would reduce the cohesion and smooth running of society? Because it puts the people against each other and allows them to do whatever they like, whether to make money for their sponsors (ie corporatism, where the large companies drive policy for their own profits), exercise power for its own sake, or any other combinations of sheer megalomania, much like Idi Amin or Robert Mugabe. Kim Jong Un just shaved half his head and decreed every other man must in North Korea. Was that because it somehow makes them irresistible to women or confers magic powers? No, it was

because he can.

That sums up politicians around the world throughout history.

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