Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Summary for revolutionaries

By now most of the core concepts have already been presented. I will now summarise them down to the essentials, and the easiest thing to do is drop in one or two relevant ones when required, and then repeat them whenever possible, as it takes at least three repetitions before most people are even aware of what you've said, least of all remember and assimilate it. Studies have shown repetition is essential in education as unless someone's studying officially then they're not in 'learning mode' so need to be gradually introduced to new concepts over and over and over again (see how I did it there?) until they almost become so bored with it they have taken it on as part of their own being.

There is a difference between fact and opinion, and valid to assert some facts are bad or wrong if they hurt more people than not, or are totally bogus. Black and white simply means certainty, just like a doctor's diagnosis or jury's verdict. You are either pregnant or guilty or not, nothing in between. When people try and accuse you of having opinions remember you have already learnt and prepared your material (another essential for a student and a revolutionary) and they almost certainly haven't. I have spent years learning what is apparently genuine but actually bogus to save others doing the work, and as I specialise in this area then unless someone can prove me wrong in any area (and my points have been corroborated by plenty of others before I present them) then you can accept they are genuine.

So running through some of these essential facts (remember, repetition is essential):

You must always try and do the right thing, and notice when others do not, branding them as the enemy (until and unless they repent).

If a formula proves anything costs more than it produces (wind turbines, domestic solar panels, low interest rates, Hutchison Rabbits etc) then they are worthless and have no place existing in the beginning. This also applies to specific products which are clearly not fit for purpose.

You cannot merge unrelated areas, so scientific measurements of the climate are no more than that, however much people try and claim the details are in some way political. They are no more political than a doctor's measurement of your vital signs, but they want you to believe that to divert you from the true facts.

Politicians are not out to help you. They are working for themselves and their friends and families, if anything they do helps you as well it's either a bribe or a coincidence (normally depending on how close an election is). Quantitative easing and low interest rates, not to mention closing coal power stations, carbon taxes, wind turbine subsidies and dare I say it gay marriage prove beyond any doubt, as (besides gay marriage which is just a divide and rule tactic to demonise normal people who always assumed marriage was only possible between a man and a woman) you know from the accounts and their bottom line the people always lose from them and the bankers win.

If someone cheats, they may profit but their character will be permanently smeared unless they abandon their old ways.

Inflation means higher prices. There's no way anyone can spin it to make it a good thing under any circumstances, it makes everyone's savings and earnings worth less. More so for house prices as they cost far more than anything else.

Opinions can never be facts. Again, if you believe gay marriage is 'equal' and Britain (why just Britain?) should be multicultural these are not facts, but two perfect archetypes of ideology. Their proponents treat them as facts as it is the best way to demonise and quell the opposition. But they are still choices and opinions as there are equally valid alternatives which were in place for centuries or more before they happened.

Ignore all predictions. Either something is part of a linear system like the movement of stars and planets, so totally predictable, already planned in which case it's not a prediction, or making it up based on more or less evidence, but not anywhere near certain. It's better to deal with what you know and let things happen and deal with them if they do, and not divert your attention from the present.

Logic never changes. For example, however important someone is, if they tell you something may happen after you're dead but you must still pay to stop it happening they are lying and cheating. A mock auction or protection racket never change their formats, buying something in a sealed box or paying for something bad not to happen, only the presentation does constantly. Recognise that and you'll never get caught.

Stereotypes are real. They are caricatures, or exaggerations of genuine characteristics of any group, both recognised as accurate by those within it and those familiar with them. It is no different from classifying animals and breeds of animals, which no one has ever (yet) suggested is politically incorrect. And why does recognising (including as many positive as negative qualities) traits become derogatory if it is accurate in general? You can't have an idealised archetype or stereotype without a collection of known traits. It is only derogatory when incorrect, in which case it's not a stereotype but an insult which is totally different.

Discrimination. Never let anyone else tell you the known meaning of words is different to the dictionary, including the matching pair of discrimination and equality. You can only be discriminated against if not treated equally, so having women only short lists, quotas and racial preferences for jobs you are discriminating against men and the ineligible races, regardless who you claim you are favouring. If it was a men only short list no one would deny it discriminated against women, so why is a women only short list supposed to be different?

Induction has a single known exception. If you thought something was not possible before, like exceeding the speed of light or someone running a mile in under four minutes it is not induction to say if it's happened once it's true, unlike a record hot day, year or low ice cover. If there are 364 other days in the year and they are not records then a record hot day means nothing, or a year if the others are not. But if it breaks the highest known temperature ever then it means that is possible, but does not imply anything greater. That would be induction to do so.

Logic beats qualifications. Professionals are taught to originate facts and measure details, if they make a mistake anyone can add up or spot a false conclusion without needing to know how the theory that created the figures works. Otherwise nowhere would use a jury.

Judge a tree by its fruit. If you are suffering or using poor quality products, then any reason given for it cannot be justified, and those providing the products or causing the suffering are clearly no good or their treatment or products would be adequate. If a great man does bad things then he cannot any longer be, or ever have been, a great man. You apply it to your own politicians and experts to see who is who.

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