Thursday, 20 February 2014

Lifting the mist

Behind all the issues I've been looking into, the bottom line, the single determining factor in creating illusions with which to lead the people into penury, is the mist of illusion. It became clearest when debating hundreds and hundreds of qualified and unqualified ardent believers in global warming, who, regardless of their levels of education, all acted as young immature children, rejecting all data and logic, attacking the messengers, and only listening to the tiny fraction of people they consider qualified to inform them, despite the data having been made public for all to scrutinise. So if a line isn't going up, is going up too slowly, or had to be forced to go up from not going up, everyone can see it equally. But when those who made those slopes justify how they changed from either not existing or simply dismiss the length of how long they haven't sloped, and offer random reasons more familiar with an absence of homework, the believers continue believing.

In common, with narrowing circles of Venn diagrams, most appear to share similar political values, something previously unheard of in science, and only overlapping with unrelated issues from religion, where each time science contradicted long held religious beliefs, the proponents would be threatened or killed, till in the end the proof became too strong and the religions had to cave in each time. But when it's a simple matter of travelling east and returning west to prove the earth is round, or sending up satellites to prove the earth goes round the sun, you can't simply do the same with complex theories like global warming, especially as the great majority is set in the far future we'll never live to see.

But once you start mixing with these characters you find more. Most, the great majority, fall on the political left, and by what can be no coincidence, the policies devised to 'tackle' or 'mitigate' global warming nearly all involve a reverse of industrialisation and huge taxes on business and people alike. Plus a redistribution from the wealthy west to the third world, in what some call 'climate compensation'. Now whether you can buy good climate, like you could create a good harvest by sacrificing a virgin, remains a moot point, shunned by anyone using direct evidence and logic over sentiment and faith. The fact the demon CO2 has risen unabated in the couple of decades since the taxes have risen and fossil fuel been restricted more and more supports this view, that you cannot pay for change, but only redistribute money from the people to others. So the measures created to deal with warming, which in turn blames the entire collection of mankind, most of all the developed west, are the exact ones previously promoted and failed by the extremes from Stalin onwards, with each failing till all who were left were Cuba and North Korea of any note, both of which represent some of the most primitive and restrictive societies on the planet. The general view that there is a limit on personal wealth above which it becomes both immoral, and takes money from others, is another illusion so widespread it currently dictates around 50% of democratic politics. No country I know of with different parties does not have a mainstream socialist one, whose main weapon is limiting the amount of wealth anyone is able to amass before they have to return most of it to the state.

Then you have the deadly political meme of the late 20th century onwards of political correctness, spawned by the twin demons of diversity and multiculturality. Developing such wonderful results, based on the premise they are not opinions but the only ways to live, as mass uncontrolled immigration and claiming marriage is no different between two people of the same sex as different. It isn't even important if I agree or not, they say there is no question, it is right and if you question it you are a bigot. No, marriage is a fixed formula which like any other has little area to change, and if suggested to do so would normally challenge it with the greatest opposition from the established view, which for reasons beyond my reckoning never existed. But the idea it is the only way to be, after thousands of years of not being, represents very well the mindset of what I could call the enchanted, those under a spell of the ruling elite such as Peter Mandelson, who created many of these ideas and set them into society when part of the ruling Labour Party. This is my bottom line, the enchantment which allows those affected to believe any or all of a collection of beliefs which are not only what I personally see as on the extreme end of opinions, but present them all as not only facts, but such essentials to society anyone who questions them is the enemy, and must be silenced, the only question being what lengths are reasonable to do so.

So that is my picture. There is a form of mist, a mental enchantment of hypnosis, exploited by a small elite of powerful people, many under David Rockefeller, as listed in Bilderberg, Club of Rome and Globe International meetings among various similar others, with heavyweights such as George Soros and Henry Kissinger making policy and giving interviews often explaining exactly what they are doing with no questions being offered in return and very little reporting when documented. Demonising anyone who doesn't want mass or more immigration (apparently including many thousands of existing immigrants as they don't want a more crowded country any more than anyone else) or thinks gay marriage is real is the method they use, and call people who question global warming things like baby killers. Besides playing far more dirty than even Satan had in the bible, these are the acts of scoundrels, totalitarians, and only previously such present day rulers as Mugabe and the wonderful clan of Kims in North Korea. Now if the leaders here act like the leaders there, then clearly that is their nature wherever they are. But the followers have not necessarily started off that way, but have been infected by the virus of misinformation delivered through political and social high authority, and only now capable of being communicated to through these channels, demonising any attempts from the minority (like the minority with higher IQs) to correct their twisted minds.

In third world countries (and now Ukraine), instead of simply occupying parts of city centres and defecating on national monuments, they riot, loot and murder when challenged by anyone to bring in policies against their perceived utopian systems, from Sunnis v Shias, to east v west wars today in Ukraine, and our Mafia v your Mafia in places like Syria and Egypt, where it's basically a matter of which family or clan wants to take the most in drug money and arms profits. Take the IRA, who were basically a Catholic group who hid behind religious divisions and the fact the Protestant majority in the north of Ireland held on to British rule when the rest was allowed independence, to run a local Mafia for decades, doing the usual drug and arms trades and executing their enemies openly while keeping silence from everyone local who knew every name and act committed. Run this forward to today and we have protection rackets, graft and threats against family members, not by the Mafia directly but the UN, planning world carbon taxes and currencies, and taking huge amounts from the west and giving it to energy companies in 'renewable subsidies', and third world militias in the guise of climate aid, but most ends up in arms and drugs as always.

They are the source of the problem, causing the hypnotised masses to believe enough of what they tell them, to demonstrate in the streets for the 99%, gay marriage, free Palestine, and whichever other divisive campaign to either put citizen against citizen locally, or drag up some distant conflict the 99% know barely anything about but are motivated normally to take the side against the good guys. So the Syrian rebels, doing pretty much what happened in Iran when the totalitarian government was taken over by a religious totalitarian government, which was even worse as it imposed extreme religion on everyone regardless, and made women into little more than slaves, yet the UN and most governments (read 'Obama') back the rebels in Syria despite the Syrian academics in the west telling us they are now sponsoring the same religious terrorists who took over Iran and basically run most of Pakistan above the official government.


This is the cause and the background, but the symptoms are very clear and simple. Ordinary people are indoctrinated, as they are in communist countries more openly, and religious rules, and once infected by the mist in front of their eyes blindly, on the least available evidence, totally accept any view forced upon them by hypnosis and unable to be awoken by those stronger minds not able to be converted, at least not for long enough for it to stick, as many have believed such things either as children or when global warming was first raised, but soon realised on their own it couldn't be genuine and let it drop. But the majority (as the masses must be) are lost, and simply knowing, from the unavoidable signs, a person is gone, is the least we can be aware of, and whether there is a cure is really another stage beyond anything I am currently able to put into operation. But if anyone says anything like:

Burning fossil fuel will cause dangerous global warming.
We must redistribute wealth.
Gay marriage is equal marriage.
Opposing immigration is racist.
All cultures are equal.
Society must represent all types at all levels, and use positive discrimination to make sure of it
Newcastle is hideously white.
We must make society into a mixture of all cultures
Women and ethnic minorities fail to succeed equally as they are discriminated against.
It is wrong to reveal or consider the ethnic origins of criminals even if nearly all of certain crimes are committed by them, or nearly all certain groups such as Roma gypsies make their livings primarily through crime.
It is wrong there are such differences in wealth in our country.
What other religions do is their business and we must not get involved with it however unpleasant it may be to us it is their culture to do so.
Society should tax the richest as much as possible, even if it does not collect more revenue, as it is immoral to own too much.
Families should not be allowed to leave their property to others after they die.
Selective education is elitist.

There are plenty more I'll add when they come to me, but I'm sure you get the idea. Childish, emotional, misleading and totally illusory memes which wouldn't play out once put into practice, as seen by the devastation caused by carbon taxes and shutting down power stations. These are all based on exaggerated or non-existent ideas, something I could prove to a point but blindingly obvious to those not touched by the brush of illusion, and impossible to convey to them using evidence or any form of communication, as they only hear those who converted them in the first place. They were often the 'joiners', beginning as children of activist parents being dragged to demonstrations holding placards for things they did not and could not understand, combining the social excitement with the authority of their parents who most young children trust totally, to grow up and not grow out of following any other cause their leaders encourage them to, often with little or no understanding or evidence to do so but simply going along with their crowd. By then they become habitual joiners, signing anything Greenpeace or Oxfam shove in their hands, and defending it from all corners despite probably knowing little or nothing about Israeli history or world sea levels.

We are being run by an army of the ignorant from a small cabal of the informed, and simply recognising who is lost to us is at least a start in understanding how presently society is being run by exploiting these less strong minded and mature people while those of us able not to be affected by such childish and simplistic nonsense are being demonised, and in some cases persecuted for questioning and challenging them. And sadly, most who have a couple of those views revealed share most or all of them. Maybe it is a cycle and it will run its course, but we can never be complacent and assume most infections will blow themselves out naturally, especially when they are hurting so many innocent people with carbon taxes, land grabs to grow biofuel, burning corn for fuel and causing third world starvation, and even something as apparently trivial as France's new top 75% tax rate. It may only apply to a few hundred millionaires but it's a throwback to an earlier discredited philosophy being revived again by the ugliest government in Europe. All are examples of the same attitude which dilutes and divides societies worldwide, causing poverty and conflict, and if knowledge is power, then knowing the mechanism is half the battle.

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