Saturday, 12 December 2015

Minimal government

Here is my model for minimal government, based on the principle the government are employed to do what individuals can not, and are working for the people, not ruling them. Their only role is to protect everyone from crimes (only those causing direct harm to the person or property), and the poor and susceptible. This includes running the legal system and public services, as there can be no competition selling a single product, and as they are essentials and should not include an element of added profit. Every other product and service can be sold freely so allows an entire run for the free market without distorting the economy with fake competition. Healthcare should remain free as no one deserves to lose money from illness. Selective education will become free again so everyone is entitled to receive the best standard of education.

To cover poverty everyone would be given the same amount each year they could live on, paid for by a flat rate tax everyone would pay as it would not be so high anyone would want to avoid it, and be adjusted annually based on what the economy could manage.

Foreign intervention would be based on the principle it is wrong unless there is a very good reason, and armed forces would be employed purely to defend from any invasion and be on stand by doing other work the remainder of the time but paid the same regardless as they all have other skills.

There would be no laws to protect morals or causing offence, as these are changing and totally subjective, and cause absolutely no harm unless you believe in religion, which has no basis in reality.

Travel would be made as simple as possible, with absolutely no restrictions on roads or railways if required. Freedom of movement is essential in a civilised society and delays waste time and fuel.

No additional taxes would be levied on unproven global warming etc, only genuine chemical and biological pollution would be regulated which is known to be harmful.

Social engineering and attempts at it would not be legal. People in a free society must succeed totally on their own merits and nothing more. Quotas are as discriminatory whether for black or white people, able or disabled. Genuine discrimination will still be illegal, therefore include positive and negative as there is in practice no difference between them.

There would be no adoption of supranational groups such as the EU if they make laws over our heads as that is not democratic. On a personal note immigration would be strictly controlled as the benefits are not directly apparent but all the disadvantages are known. These include overcrowding, language problems, cultural clashes, ghettoisation, overloading services (schools, medical, sewage etc) and also takes employment from the national pool of workers.

The basic principle will be to make no new laws or restrictions without a very good reason. Otherwise it is best to allow people's freedom. No one is less equal or more important than another so making laws to protect one group at the expense of another is totalitarian.

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