Thursday, 12 June 2014

Delayed reactions

Watching well known atrocities to some people carry on apparently indefinitely, despite trying to spread the world, and then eventually one story appears in the media and everyone's on it seems to be the standard delayed reaction process within society. Even though I first heard about female genital mutilation about 30 years ago it carried on unfettered from western disapproval ever since, until suddenly only this year in 2014 there was an article about it in great detail and the celebrity scene picked it up and now something is being done about it, with Britain's first ever court case even though many thousands are carried out here alone (illegally) every year. Similarly the eating, often after being skinned alive, cats and dogs in Asia has always been well known in the west and all the big and small charities turned their backs and did nothing, possibly because China and Korea were too dangerous to get involved with so beyond their scope. But now a group in China itself has begun fighting this primitive and backward practice, as there is absolutely no attention paid to their welfare and are simply packed into cages as if they weren't alive at all.

The same phenomenon happens in the political world. We can be ripped off for years and then someone with the ear of the media works it out, although many people had already done so and knew between themselves, and once pointed out to the masses becomes common knowledge. It doesn't always work because only two experts I know of warned our government to reduce private and public borrowing before the crash, Vince Cable, who wasn't in government and totally ignored, and a stockbroker who was sacked for interfering with morale. I saw junk mail every day offering me gold cards and thousands of credit, people borrowing ten times their income or not even needing to declare their income for mortgages and borrowing up to 125% of the value of a house, and wondered why every single politician allowed this as you can't borrow or lend more than you have, which ended up with our taxes bailing out the banks, who lost our money as the government removed the regulations stopping it.

Biofuel was clearly a criminal invention, clearing land across the third world to grow corn and palms to replace food crops and burn them in engines not even designed for the purpose and producing far less power per gallon. Twenty or so years later after causing starvation in many villages where farms were sequestered for biofuel crops and people lost their livelihoods and couldn't afford the remaining food as because they had created an artificial shortage the price and availability were affected, the UN just said biofuel was not good for the environment, while the EU are about to enact a law forcing it into our fuel despite the admission it is evil. Of course the EU are not there to do good but rule with an iron hand, so they are not interested what anyone already said to expose the true nature of biofuel, but at least we can say we know they are doing wrong now and going against official advice. Many food additives were stated to be toxic but always took 10-20 years to get the material beyond the industry system of closure. They have ways to suppress all stories which expose industrial poisoning on a grand scale, so currently aspartame, statins and other conventional chemicals are being forced on millions of people, despite the evidence having already condemned them to the same dustbin as margarine (it is not that different from floor polish) and hydrogenated fats, which again are not a foodstuff but more like the foam chips used to pack fragile goods.

Eventually the truth has to come out, like a leaking nappy, as the urine is always there and however good the seal if you keep pissing eventually the seals will be stressed too much and the pee or truth will first dribble, and then burst out in a flood of material which will usually overwhelm any attempts to hold it back. So now after 30 years of scare stories of global warming the trend has reduced so much it is almost impossible for the temperature to exceed 2C, so all 'action' to pretend to try and stop it is off really as it's already stopped on its own and with CO2 rising unabated is clearly unable to make the temperature rise very much by 150 years of direct observation. A few scientists are beginning to realise if they continue to prop up what is now almost impossible to maintain as an illusion as there is nigh on nothing left to maintain, their long term credibility is going to end up the same place as the economists who ignored the warnings to change before a major crash, and would rather be the ones who admitted it was beginning to look increasingly unlikely and at least leave with some remaining honour rather than the other end who lie and say it's warming even faster when every single diagram says it's not at all.

Therefore in all areas where the small private minority discover things are badly wrong but they carry on regardless, they nearly always come to an end, but there's a built in delay mechanism for various reasons- laziness, intertia, apathy, dishonesty, but when someone who can do something about whatever it is catches on and does something, that atrocity ends pretty quickly. If the first prosecution on FGM is successful the CPS will no doubt wave through hundreds, as we do know the figures as every doctor in the country can consult their notes and pretty much name most of the victims simply from being examined. Had they been required, as is perfectly feasible, to report such crimes by law, then the thousands of victims would have become hundreds, tens and eventually hardly any at all, but the apathy and in the case of doctors protection of their own, as it's the doctors who get the worst punishment for carrying out the assault (technically causing grievous bodily harm with intent carries up to a life sentence), while inciting it would as well the court would be slightly less harsh on ignorant foreigners who quite honestly don't know any better, while breaching the Hippocratic oath would get a doctor struck off at the very least, regardless of any criminal punishment. In fact although they said FGM has a law making it illegal, GBH alone would always have covered it as simply breaking the skin not fir the purpose of medical or cosmetic purposes is a serious form of assault with no need to specify every single variation. There's no specific law for poking someone's eye out either but if a child's parents paid a doctor to do that as that's their culture they'd go down for a long stretch regardless, assuming the court weren't prevented from acting like they would in the third world.

So in the end I think nothing that bad can carry on forever. Suttee and thuggee in India were wiped out by the British in India (who said the colonists never did any good) although sadly the caste system is still going strong in many areas despite decades of effort to wipe it out entirely. But in the end once someone important decides to do something it seems to be very quickly when it is, and all the energy could have been building up to be released all in one go when they do. I see global warming following at some point, as the truth is now diverging further and further from the claims, and one by one the scientists have realised they can't maintain an illusion much longer when their original calculations had been about 80% too high compared to reality. One can only hope anyway.

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