Sunday, 25 May 2014

The single cake theory of socialism

I just saw this response to a Ukip supporter, and here was mine below.

"Hoarding wealth is the single biggest problem with this world. With an average lifespan of 85 years, it's daft to hoard so much material wealth."

This is the classic cynical socialist mindset, a combination of the shortage mentality "there's not enough, we must take some away!" with the sheer envy and misunderstanding of basic economics which have oppressed nations since the dawn of communism. Do you really think Karl Marx would have agreed with you? He was more concerned with a class war, believing the bourgoisie and ruling classes had stolen or cheated to get where they were and should be taken down in any way which was effective, hopefully to allow the same standards for all. Not to cut everyone down to the average, which flies in the face of every single element of freedom we have in our lives.

So who, exactly, decides who has too much and who to give it away to? And of course the higher the taxation the less incentive there is to work any longer than you already do, or study or take any risks in business, as what exactly is the point if you end up in exactly the same place almost you started in? But the biggest error you have made is the slices of cake one. Socialism appears to assume the world economy is a cake and we must slice it evenly for a fair society, even when some people earned far more through their own personal effort over many years to get theirs than others. That is the emotional, ideological part of the argument. But the slices of cake one is the mathematical and factual failure. There is no fixed amount in the world, besides raw mineral resources, and everything else can be changed, grown or added to from scratch. The cake can be increased by those people you disapprove of working harder and better and actually creating more. Would you expect an author to give up writing for the rest of a year as he'd already earned his quota and would hardly get any more however much he produced? Or tell an artist to give away 80% of what his paintings were sold for? As that's exactly the sort of results your philosophy creates, and people will either leave the country, work less or cheat to pay less tax as it goes against the freedoms of life itself.

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